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Hi everybody...

Can someone explain me the use of dummy functions?

1-why/when to use it

2-is it necessary to use a @? because i've tried without it and it still works, so whats that for?

3- how it changes the C++ code behind the scene? (not that i would understand everything, but..)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: i had a look at some threads and the help file, but couldn't find what I'm looking for about dummy functions :/

I'm very excited about buying a Caanoo and Glbasic (still using the demo) and making a dream come true... I'd really love to have my games going with me everywhere :)

I own Purebasic and love it for all kind of development and stuff, but I'm loving Glbasic for games and loving even more for it's portability...

I wanna know if Linux games would run on Caanoo (since it's linux based) or Wiz apps would run on Caanoo , or if is there a Caanoo port being added to glbasic... Or else... I'm buying Wiz :D
(I'm almost doing this right now, but I think I should wait for Caanoo)

Thanks in advance ppl!  <3