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Topics - Kimaro

I see that V.10 is now available for download. I am currently using V8.203. Will my current license cover this new version allowing all features to be used?

Just upgraded to the latest recommended version. I seem to remember just having to save the project file previously, but now when I re-load the project my alterations aren't there! Can't quite get my head round it. I have to save the project and source file to have any changes to take effect when reloading.
When you start a new game or whatever you start it as a 'New Project' but any editing of the code after that needs to be saved as source as well. Confused!!!!!

I'm probably missing something pretty basic but can't grasp the need for Project and Source codes to be saved separately. ::)

Announcements / V8
Just discovered V8 is out. Freeware? except for premium features? Will my existing license for V7 cover that?? :|
Have any of you brilliant coders out there got any code snippets for FTP'ing or emailing with attachments.  :nw:
I've tried this many times and still get the same result:
After closing a project and opening a different one the previous project is compiled and not the current.
Closing GLB and then re-starting solves it but why should this happen at all.
This is the only problem I am having with GLB but it's very frustrating.
Is there a way round it?
Seems like a buffer isn't being cleared. O_O
Can someone please give me an idea how to save and load string data and numeric files to hard drive from within GLBasic. :S
Will I have to make any coding alterations to enable stylus click on PPC or will the mouse state functions work?
GLBasic - en / Point & Click
How do I create a clickable region in GLB. I understand it's something to do with MousState but can't quite get to grips with it. :S
I'm attempting to write a point & click graphic adventure and need a code snippet within an IF-THEN statement so the program performs an action when a screen area is clicked.
Would be grateful for any help on this. ;/

By the way, I think the forum is great. There a lot of very clever coders out there.
How do I install a WinCE program on my Pocket PC. I have an Ipaq rx1950.  I have copied the exe file to the program folder along with media files and the program runs ok but doesnt show on main screen as an installed  program. Any help would be very much appreciated.