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That was just a short side project, all calculations done on single thread and still almost 60fps (of course map is small) but it's unachievable for let's say many popular game making solutions :) Generally standard  A* is good for turn based games, RPG, or when you have few units, as when you introduce proper collisions/tile occupy state there are a lot of problems that you need to take care on. And popular solution is to use regions/portals/waypoints pathfinding globally and fast A* locally when traveling between portals, or when previously calculated path is blocked - so the unit need to find some other way or wait path to clear and so on. And it would be best to do this on separate thread so this also have some requirements - local map data for pathfinding thread... And all that is a 'little' more work that such small project. Hopefully I will revisit pathfinding in this year to tune JPS/regions for proper game.
I know what you mean, and on one hand it's good idea as you can focus on coding and other stuff but on other you still need to prepare those sprites to be usable with your code, and later you need to reedit all objects that use such graphic again. But it all depends from the developer and their approach for handling assets.

lately there is so much audio packs avaialble..

Music Producer Pro Pack: Synths & Sounds on Humble Bundle.
3 items -> €1.00
4 items -> €9.29
12 items -> €18.59
End date: 10.07.2024

Something rather for music producers and people that like to play with music creation software

and it looks that I missed one bunle: Epic Royalty-Free Music Collection vol. 2  :(
but there is something even better, 3rd pack from Ovani:

Audio Arcade: The Definitive Collection Of Music And Sound Fx From Ovani Sound on Humble Bundle.
6 items -> €1.00
20 items -> €17.09
40 items -> €18.71
End date: 15.07.2024

PR info:
Give your project that last bit of audio polish it needs to truly shine with this bundle from Ovani Sound. You'll get a vast collection of royalty-free music and sound FX ready to plug into your project, as well as powerful time-saving audio plugins usable on all major game engines. From masterfully crafted gunshots and explosions and music packs that span moods and genres, to music and ambiance plugins for Godot, Unity, and Unreal Engine, your audio needs will be well and fully sorted. Plus, your purchase helps the Children's Miracle Network.

The problem with many of those 'cheaper' tileset assets is that they are missing some kind of tiles for example transition tile from grass to dirt/sand, or they are incomplete - just in basic 8 directions without variations, or character animations have only basic movement/idle states so they are good as some kind of base for something simpler or some sketch / mockups projects, yet I shouldn't also demend to much from such pack's because even with those minor issues they contain a lot of assets and offert great value to their price.

Mix Master Music and Vocals Bundle on Fanatical.
3 items -> €1.10
20 items -> €16.59
41 items -> €22.10
End date: ??

and second one even better value:

Essential Game Music-Build Your Own Bundle
on Fanatical.
4+ products -> €0.55 per item
10+ Products -> €0.50 per item
20+ Products -> €0.44 per item
35+ Products -> €0.38 per item (€13.29 for all)
End date: ??

ah and there is some free bundle also:

World Music Day 2024 Giveaway
on Fanatical.
6 music packs with 62 music tracks totally free.
End date: ??

All included jpg files are loaded and displayed correctly. As you have fresh install of Windows can this be some OS realated thing? Like Defender rules, or SmartScreen protection, did you tried disabling those filters and running GLB Editor as admin (right mouse click, run as admin)? The last thing that comes to my mind is some OpenGL dll/drivers mismatch/issue but don't know how/which libs are used, some API debug tool would be usefully here.

Edit: Didn't specify that but, freshly compiled project on my PC loads jpgs properly, but that included *exe does not, and also it has different file size than exe compiled on my pc.. hm..

Edit 2: After reinstalling GLBasic on Steam again with proper deleting it's directory I can confirm that it contains bug that doesn't allow to load JPG files. I've use WinMerge to seek for differences in files between this version and known working version, and the only differences are in 'libGLBasicWin32.a' and 'libGLBasicWin64.a' files. Current Steam version does produce smaller *exe files like ~100kb, don't have current GLB source so can't check what's causing the issue.
For a temporary fix, use attached libs from working version, I think that they should be same version as those Steam ones, yet those are precompiled by me and contain GETNUMJOYSTICKS fix.
hm.. on my PC loading jpg's on every GLB/editor version works properly, tried different projects and jpg files, redownloaded GLBasic from Steam again and can't replicate the issue.
Can you attach any complete even basic project that can't load jpgs (maybe even with final *exe file to compare)? All jpg's are causing the problem? Did you tried resaving them with some editor like Paint.Net / GIMP?
In short for debbuging purpose, there are some general OpenGL debug/profiling tools (the older ones) that work with GLBasic and catch all called functions maybe even with some time statistic info, but I don't remember which ones at the moment. Narrowing issue with hand coded time checking functions in some crucial part can be usefull or disable some parts of rendering routine to check where can be the issue.
hm.. is there some mismatch in Steam version of code editors? Proper latest version should be 16.927, but when you run it from Steam it launches ver 16.793 - is that only spelling error or wrong exe included.
Try launching standalone editor - Steam - show local files - run EditorE.exe (it should show proper version number), check if loading jpg is still an issue.
Quote from: dreamerman on 2020-Apr-27ps. any one knows some nice free sprites (not rip-offs) that could be used in next benchmark/showcase project?
Bump cause of the above reason, needed some side project to take a breath from a 'proper' game project so I played with this a little and made a showcase video in popular 'Shorts' format:
Gamedev Market's Rpg Adventure Essentials on Humble Bundle.
13 items -> €1.00
36 items -> €16.63
50 items -> €18.46
End date: 11.06.2024

In short, this bundle contains moslty of tileset's, couple music/sfx packs and some characters, icons packs.
PR info:
Game makers, get ready to supercharge your 2D creations with this massive bundle, overflowing with pixel-perfect assets ready to drop into your next project! You'll get dozens of versatile tilesets, from somber cyberpunk cityscapes to idyllic medieval villages, allowing you to bring the worlds in your imagination to life. Populate them with a vast array of diverse characters, fearsome monsters, and charming critters, and add the finishing touches with slick icon packs, sound effects, and retro-inspired music. Pay what you want for this expansive toolkit, ready to use whatever your specific workflow, and help support the Michael J. Fox Foundation with your purchase!

Strictly for game developer those music bundles are more interesting. In both there are some ambient, synt/electrical, and some other specific music types related to title of that bundle.

Ice Cold Low Tempo Build Your Own Music Bundle on Fanatical.
2 items -> €1.65
10 items -> €6.65
20 items -> €11.10
End date: ??

and second one:

Fired up Action Build Your Own Music Bundle on Fanatical.
2 items -> €1.65
10 items -> €6.65
20 items -> €11.10
End date: ??

Music Creators Studio Essentials on Humble Bundle.
5 items -> €1.00
12 items -> €18.13
23 items -> €18.61
End date: 06.06.2024 ???

It looks like comprehensive bundle for some retro music artists.
PR description
Looking for some new audio toys to get your creative juices flowing? This bundle of software, synths, sample packs, and more will inspire you to get back in the lab and ready to put in some work! The Mercury-4 software synth from Cherry Audio is an expertly modeled emulation of the iconic (and exceedingly) rare Roland Jupiter-4. Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio is a powerful, easy to use DAW with a lightning-fast sound engine and stellar third party plugin support. On top of this, you'll get a ton of royalty-free sample packs spanning the genres and a host of other software synths, plugins, and more!

And what kind of monitor do you use? Standard standalone or some laptop built-in, crucial thing is, does it use PWM for dimming/regulating brightness or DC. Personally I get headache from monitors that use PWM.
Another thing (beside larger font with bold style) that I can advise is to use dark theme, as it is gentler on they eyes.
What kind of monitor are you using? Playing with blue light filter/color temperature, brightness and contrast may help a little - like one preset for coding/browsing, other for watching movies/YT.
Back to music packs.

Fantasy Gaming Music Bundle on Fanatical.
4 items -> €1.10
10 items -> €6.60
20 items -> €11.00
End date: ??

The new  Fantasy Gaming Music Bundle does exactly what it says with 20 original music packs covering ambient and epic musical accompaniment for all your likely games projects.
Tier 1: Dark Fantasy Music 1, Atmospheric Fantasy 1, Cute RPG Music Pack 1, Cosy Melodies Pack 1.
Tier 2: Dark Fantasy Music 2, Atmospheric Fantasy 2, Cute RPG Music Pack 2, Cute RPG Music Pack 3, Cosy Melodies Pack 2, Cosy Melodies Pack 3.
Tier 3: Dark Fantasy Music 3, Dark Fantasy Music 4, Dark Fantasy Music 5, Atmospheric Fantasy 3, Atmospheric Fantasy 4, Atmospheric Fantsy 5, Cute RPG Music Pack 4, Cute RPG Music Pack 5, Cosy Melodies Pack 4, Cosy Melodies Pack 5.

In all normal 3d games such light probes are placed specifically in some places so it would look good, only Raytracing is giving let's say better results if properly used.
Generally now it looks even better, but adding such lightning makes some mismatch between different elements, because there are no shadows that would darken some other elements, normally easier way to deal with such pre-backed light is to use ambient occlusion, but it's for more modern '3d engines', another way would be as already someone mentioned, to make graphic more cartoon-y with cel shading or brighter colors, it would change the art/graphic style of game but could be more appealing. Of course you may find some way to tune this even more, maybe lit up that grass that is closer to light source or something like this.
Good idea about leaves on trees :)