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A great fit! People into puzzles will get a lot out of it. You seem to have something for everyone. Even I, that don´t fancy much puzzles, can spot a couple there which happens to be of my interest :)
Well designed!
Off Topic / Re: RIP Oli Frey
Never knew him by name, but have seen his art on both crash and zzap.
Very talented, a sad loss.
Superb! I made a few generators before but they are more like a stage generator than a maze generator and is quite the rogue thing, if I used any know algo, I don´t know which :D
Yours is much more competent, I will be taking a look this week.
Worry not about beauty on generator...the numbered array they generate is the more important piece.
On another thread I made a 3d dungeon crawler, which lead me to think of what you said about crossovers or tunnels, it is probably a whole different kind of beast and I would not know where to start. Thanks for sharing!
There is always that nintendo switch emulator... for research purpose only of course! ;)
It is an interesting path, probably better than those always-changing-api that sucks to maintain.
Yes there is now some light at the end of the tunnel. Got a couple opportunities here that should balance things up again :)
I will take a look at that, I also have some stuff to push to onnline print shops too. Thanks for the concern, it means a lot, it was quite a horrible situation.
What? Ian on the forum? If using his avatar is what it takes I´m changing mine! :D
Off Topic / Re: Covid
The thing in Brazil is that the COVID will have to get in line with Xikungunha, dengue, yellow fever, hemorrhagic fever and about some 30 other constant killer hazards...
I don´t think the other diseases will allow it to go about free infecting people, COVID will get eaten by them ;)

Bad joke aside, numbers are down in Brazil and I haven´t heard of close people dying since half last year, so it seems under control.
Even after Carnaval.
Off Topic / Re: Covid
You will eventually get back in shape. Ididn´t get it yet (so I think) but my brother and his family did get it, nothing too hard.
A few people around me died of it or complications after it and some got really really bad, like a 3 months getting back to normal.
I hope you recover super fast.
I don´t know how it freezes the mesh when it exports to OBJ (if it subdivides it at all).
But I will check and let us know.
Hello chaps, stumbled into this the other day.
Will give it a try at some point.
Could be useful for GLB 3d.
Looks very polished. Everything is very clear/distinct so you can spot words from far away and concentrate on the game.
Well done! :good:
Could also be useful for a showcase, the tag will show all games marked done with the tool.
Hello chaps, just a quick note, itchio relates the tools used to make games and other stuff, I think GLBasic should be listed.
Here is the link to the news:

Go down to "Add your own tools to's browse pages" and there should be a link "you can check out the application here".
I checked the link and it feels it is something Gernot should fill instead of us.

I think it is worth adding GLB to that list. I currently list GLB and add links on my game pages, but it should be better if there is a tag and people can browse a list of games done with it.
What do you guys think?
Nice effects and music!
A bit late but happy everything to us all :)