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Norton .exe complain [SOLVED]

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Hello chaps, not sure it is a bug or an anti virus fake stuff or maybe my stuff is somehow infected.
A costumer sent me this image where Norton points my .exe tried mess with input.inf

Is that a no worries thing? Did you guys ever saw this?

We had problems with the GLB-Editor in the past. False positive on Kaspersky.
On a compiled EXE is new...

 Burgerlord from itchio wakes norton but not the other games. I used a hack tool to change my games icons but it should not be that as the very same game went to steam without problems. It sure is a bad thing getting people reporting that when they are not computer nerds.

Norton is pretty notorious for false reporting, it may not be your fault Erico. Maybe recommend a decent anti-virus e.g. ESET Nod32.

Yep it is what I told the user. Looking around the forum it seems norton does a lot of falses towards GLBasic,  so it is just a normal thing.
Maybe this post should be somewhere else as it is not GLB bug related?
Anyways, thanks for the info chaps!


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