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its kinda fun, i find myself spending hours every night playing with profiles, formations.
Fact: Most solar systems have a jupiter-like planet circling near the star.
In this sim, you can actually see this sort of thing form, and you can see why it happens (if you watch)
Watching, waiting, thats what this sim is about, theres not much to do except to start the planets and watch them whirl merge and form orbits.

collisions with beautiful slow motion explosions too???   ;/

its mostly just math physics not much in the way of special effect.
just a toy at the moment, no real plans for this side project.
my big dream is still to do a flight sim. i have all the code i need for one, just not the time i need.


--- Quote from: erico on 2019-Feb-14 ---collisions with beautiful slow motion explosions too???   ;/

--- End quote ---

fine ok, as you wish. And how about comets and trails that push away from stars?
How about this lighting from the star to the planets?
These objects all share the same object, they are coloured by another light from the cam position.

 <3 That is neat! Would it work better if the planet shading was more "hard", like a cartoon shade?
Looks awesome and I bet even better while moving about. :)


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