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If you meant Android Studio, its best for its to been installed on the default path. Glbasic can been installed on other drive.

Android Studio uses Open JDK version of Java, so you do not need to install the official Java at all.

that because glbasic does not have access to the files on the apk directly and needs to been extractly to the internal memory first. This is unlike Windows version, which have direct access to the file. This is nothing im can do. You can eventuelt try to do a DOESFILEEXIST() to see that does a different. This also force the file to been extracted before loading. But again, this should not been required anymore.

So Im have aboslute no idea without a example you need to give and also a logcat, so im have a change to see why its fails loading. Its property a memory issue somehow. But im need the logcat of a example, before im can help.

Also you should uses PLATFORMINFO$("APPDATA") on Android and not PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENT") which normally used on Windows. This is a little issue, but im choose not to fix it to avoid combatible issues. But in the later versions its should not matter througt.

Also you should NOT use any graphics commands at all when you resume your app, this will crash the game, etc in the GLB_ON_RESUME() and GLB_ON_PAUSE(). If you do that, its will crash on resume.

Also im have no idea how you uses your loading rutine without a example or a log. So you need to give a example so im can checkout. Im only need a Android Studio project to take a look on, not the glbasic source code.

You can do a DOESFILEEXISTS() command before a read to tryout, even its should do that automatic.

But im want the full logcat, so im can see what happens with the Java part.

Do not optimize the app to save space (dont do the bundle, sign it as APK). Google might want you to do that, but they do still accept it. This can cause the app to fails to run.

Also do not update the grandle version to a newer version, when you get asked by that either. Howover if you did that, its easy to revert throught.

Also if you have installed a debug version on it, uninstall it first. you cant have a signed and a debug version on same device.

Also do you have a full log and do you use the steam beta (which is a bit newer version than the official)?

Also if you have a long loading time that is over 5 secs, this might cause to crash, if you dont update the screen either (SHOWSCREEN).

also you should NOT update the  grandle version when you asked to that, that can break your project. so when its ask it, press no to this project.

Installing AS can been quite annoying until get anything running for the first project.

its a issue im fixed and gernot broke it again (etc did not used it). howover you can uses GETCURRENTDIR() what ever system throught.

Android is also not windows at all and there can been some frustation parts as well.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-27 »
That strange. The official version is gernot version, which diddent do that 100 procent correctly as I'm remember.

I'd you don't want the java files in your project changed by a update, add a android.xcl to the project java folder. Then no files is overwrote.

Off Topic / Re: New Covid music
« on: 2020-Aug-19 »

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Aug-19 »

they are now doing a Issue 2 kickstarter of this machine. Look like they got funded in just 5 minuttes.

Also im property got need to do something music/design in two of the sctrect goal, hehe as im is part with Rusty Pixels.

Also look like people liked our games.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-08 »
its around 1 month ago last time im have uploaded it. and have barely touched it since. There was a change to the, build.grandle and as well (as interstitial was inited in wrong place and might got catched by a resolution change), but should take a look.

The change for a month ago was its was possible to detect you do a debug or a retail version, etc if you running a debug version, you should get test ads, but retail ads for retail. This is how its should works, so you dont suddently got your account closed under testing.

But if you dont get the new java copied over. delete the android.xcl from the java folder, and then its should copy all files from the main project. If you have the file, No java files is copied over when that file is present.

No idea about SAVESPRITE and no idea without a example.

Currectly im did do have focus in very different place and its also quite hot here. etc a Frogger adaption for Spectrum Next. This why im was idle comply of days.

Karma Miwa is online, howover need to update the screenshots as the game now focus on the 3 point controls rather the original 4point. But hopefully the game works as intended.

Im diddent do Catchout Online yet. Karma Miwa was one of the easier one.

"Jam Beagle" is now playable with touch controls and now uses 96x64 pixels. This game would been released completly ads free and free or other google services at all (if Google allow me to do that of course).

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jun-23 »
you can use fullscreen ads on Android, but not micro-transactions.

PowerUp Elevation was also such a game that used a internal resolution in mind  (1280x720) and that game might uses offscreen for gameplay scaling and eventuelly add some graphics instead of a black border (none scaled, but repeated graphics).

Also, you cant force 1280x800 on Android in mind at all, so you are forced to use the surface you will get from Android. This was why im release a snippet about it. just use that and the issue will been fixed.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jun-22 »
yes that fixed the issue and works perfectly on windowered mode in that level. also not all monitor supports 1280x800 and then might looks very wierd and strected.

in Karma Miwa im did also internal collosion used a fixed resolution, but was completed uneffected by the gameplay that used different assets to draw the scene.

But you could also want to uses a virtual offscreen and scaling it (include mouse):

Howover....... Good fix in the end and im would have do the same thing property and playable without those bugs. that is most important! Windowred mode does plays PERFECTLY as well.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jun-19 »

yes im did. im even deleted all Media files and sync it.

The level data might not have updated correctly and need a reupload (and make sure you use the changed files as this also sometimes happens here too).

This also happens to me few times when im forgot to manually copy the data files, glbasic might not replace when compiling the win32 version or you diddent press on the live button (but the game exe seens to been updated, but not the dat files?).


its works here, also using Firefox. Include this link.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jun-18 »
not fixed here. still fall throught floor start in level 3 and all enemies walk on the water. Im did even  tried to validate. So did you updated with right exe file?

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