Does compiling for iOS 4 prevent backwards compatibility

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Since I don't have a device that runs anything lower than iOS 5, I was wondering if compiling for IOS4 will prevent older devices running an app. I'm assuming yes but I thought I should ask.


Just set as 3.x.

GLBasic does not use any iOS 4.x or 5.x specific functions.


Quote from: ampos on 2011-Dec-28
Just set as 3.x.

GLBasic does not use any iOS 4.x or 5.x specific functions.

Don't we have to compile for iOS 4.x in order to allow iPad games to pause / resume? (thought that was a requirement of apples these days? could be wrong).


OK ampos, I'll keep doing that.

I just spent the day changing my apps so they save the complete game state on GLB_ON_QUIT or GLB_ON_PAUSE, and reload this state once the app has launched. I'm hoping that should work for all platforms, in particular iOS, Android and WebOS.


Those functions should you not trust 100% on. You should save as well on level complete and such thing.

And yes glbasic use os4 for multitasking, but should not break os3 compatible (which don't support pause and resume functions). Those are checked they exits or not.

I do see more more apps remove arm6 support (3G and older devices) throught.

I do not have a arm6 device to test, I do seek one.
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I noticed you are using the GLB_ON_QUIT/GLB_ON_PAUSE; I assume you are also using GLB_ON_RESUME.  I cannot get this to work properly for my game.  Any chance you could PM me or post here the code you are using for that?  Might help me to see what I'm doing wrong.