Compiling shared libraries for other platforms

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The ability to compile shared libraries for other platforms (esp Linux/webOS) would be :good:

Pretty please with sugar on  :nw:


Hello Ocean  :)

Quote from: Ocean on 2011-Dec-15With shared libraries you mean .so (Linux/OSX) or .DLL (Windows) files?

Kitty Hello


Hi Kitty Hello,

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Dec-16What are you trying to achieve?
To create libraries I could use with LuaJIT. I want to create something that's conceptually quite similar to murgaLua but tailored to my own needs.

Initially I'm planning a Betfair bot and I want to be able to run it / modify it on any platform I use (primarily PCLinuxOS but if I could get it to run on a tablet too that would be great) so a fast interpreter with a runtime would work better for me than having to keep getting my old Windows laptop out to recompile for every platform every time I want to make a change.

As an alternative suggestion, have you ever considered creating an interpreted version of GLBasic for each supported platform? I'd happily buy them as separate products, especially if the scripts would run unchanged on any platform.

Quote from: Ocean on 2011-Dec-16DLL's are no problem, these can be compiled right now.  I'm not too sure about .so files, haven't done that yet myself.
For your convenience, I've attached a DLL demonstration project that was put up on this forum some years ago..
Thanks Ocean but for some reason I can't get that download link to work.

Kitty Hello

I'm not sure if I want the GLBasic engine to be used as a library for a script language.


I'm not sure if I want the GLBasic engine to be used as a library for a script language.

Just spied this... This happened to BRL, someone nicked the Blitz3D runtime.dll (or whatever it was called), bundled it with a scripting language and released it for coinage, they eventual replaced the lib with something else, but after that, I think BRL included something in their EULA!

I'm not saying this is the intention here, but, you'll have to be careful with that, if you have nothing in place to state this shouldnt be done, then, your left wide open!



as Dabz say  !
maybe you need to change your EULA ? :whip:




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