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I haven't seen a post about this so here it is. If there is then I missed it.
I've been playing around with the Tile Studio demo for Dark Basic Pro and have adapted it to GLBASIC for those who are interested. I have also set up a GLBASIC.tsd (a code exporter) for Tile Studio. I haven't optimized it just made it work in GL. You have to put the GLBASIC.tsd file in the TileStudio directory. It will then allow you to auto create an include file for GL with your map, bounds and animations. It also creates the .png tile graphic files for you, you just need to move any .png to the .app folder. I need to go over the code because the variable declarations aren't right so they are not explicit in the project but it works even though there are warnings. I haven't tested with another map set, different resolutions, bigger maps, more map layers... you get the idea.
I used DRAWANIM to paste sprite but I want to try POLYVECTORS. I'm also thinking about creating a file loader instead of the DATA in the program.

Feedback is definitely welcome.

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