Android NDK r5 & GLBasic

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Could GLBasic use this to allow for Android support?

Be bloody great if it did, would save me converting my game to Java!  =D



Quote....entirely in C++; you can now build an entire Android application without writing a single line of Java.
That is massive! I hope that´s what Gernot is waiting for. But pls Kitty don´t get stressed. You just did a good job with the webOS. =D

Kitty Hello

Yup, that was it! Here we go.


Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Jan-13
Yup, that was it! Here we go.

Do not forget to finish first the Palm Pee one!


Yup, that was it! Here we go

Never in the history of me walking this planet have I wanted a cuddle a cat so much! :D


Kitty Hello

The Palm Pre support seems rock solid now. It was really a walk in the park.



:blink: Sounds ambitious. If it works out, holy ****. That would have to represent some kind of critical mass for compatibility standards. Serious stuff.



iDevices, PalmPre and soon Android? That's a pretty strong track record for a compiler nowadays.


This is really good news  :good:
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Well guys, I think we have to do a present to Gernnot. For a very little money what we was pay, he´s is making a great effort, and makes Glbasic better and better every day, I think not is just we demand and demand all we need, we are to much people and he´s is only a men(I think this, because make all this awesome thinks, perhaps is from another planet)  :nw:, but how I say, and I leave this in your conscience, we have to do anything for Gernnot, her behavior whit us, don´t have price, and I think we have to help in some manner...

Kinds Regards,
Iván Jiménez.

Kitty Hello

Yes - once I start with Android, I can make a donation thread, because obviously I need a device to test on, and google won't give me one for free. (Or will they?)


If you dont ask, you'll never know!

Kitty Hello

ok. Lol. That's a pretty funny idea. I'll write a letter to google now...

on there's _no_ way to contact them. Where would you start to write to?


Ok, I think is a good idea put a Donation Link. How I say a little help, never is bad

Kind Regards
Iván J.