Where is libPROGRAM.a?

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Hello! :)

I've wrote a game in GLBasic, built it using Build-Multiplatform/Iphone then opened up the xCode project... Though, when I try to run it (After clearing out a couple of errors), I've found that the lib:-


Does not exist in its supposed path /Users/michaeldenathorn/Desktop/XCode/GLBasic/Lib/libPROGRAM.a

(With libPROGRAM.a being highlighted red in the xCode thingy)

I've looked on the forum already and cannot see anything that states whats going on, so I apologize if this has been answered before, anyone help?




Have you compile for the correct OS version ?  I believe aProgram.a was posted in the Bugs Forum somewhere :)

Ian Price

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Thanks fella's!!! :D

I dropped into bootcamp and built the project from there, then took a peek inside the Lib folder and sure enough, there it was!!!

Which isnt ideal really, because I was running the editor through VM, in the hope it will miss all the booting in and out from one OS to the other!

Hopefully it'll get fixed up, because doing that will knark the life out of me! :D



Slight hijack, but since this thread seems to have run its course, I have to ask Dabz: are you liking GLBasic?