Differences glbasic v15 to v14?

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I just bought the new glbasic in steam yesterday.
I noticed, That my game runs a bit slower than before,
Also debug mode is choppy.

But a recursive function that crashed the game only when debugging
Works now in debug mode.

Any new funtionality in v15?

I only noticed That you can build 64Bit executables and That the IDE
Looks a Bit weird at 4K resolution.


Yes, me and others, we have already noticed a slowdown with 64bit version.
Spacefractal gave a tip that solves the problem (even if it is not very logical) :


For the rest, I don't know.
Perhaps with more information on this function...


Yes was much more less slowdown when I'm skipped uses of joy commands when no gamepads is used. But this was back in the v15. Yes debug can been slow a bit more down, but its something im wont take a look why as the final code allways would been retail version anyway.

And yes im does now remember im gave tips about DEFINE for Windows 64 version. Im dont know why its works really, but in the source code when looking Win32 is still looks vastly when Windows code is required, which is skipped on Win64 as its should not do that. Actuelly its a simply fix that should been done in in stdafx.h

by adding

Code (glbasic) Select

#ifdef WIN64
#define WIN32

Currectly checked. Im are not sure why its happens and still it. Howover WIN32 seen is present when launching g++, but is gone when checking it runtime. Strange. So im no idea where the WIN64 has been set. its nice throught, but both defines should been presents if you ask me.
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