Zombie Manor formerly LOWREZJAM now expanding for mobiles

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The game is finished so far.
It is a top down shooter where you have to kill zombies.
Made this for the Low Res Jam on itch.io

Here is the page on itch.io with a download link.
Currently only for windows

5 Maps in a loop with increasing difficulty each time the game loops
2d light engine


I cant get it to work with key controls and my Xbox controller pad is working backwards.

Looks nice though.


damn forgot to save the readme before packaging.

Changed this,

controls are described in the readme file.


Only added a video of the game to the first post.

If anybody should have problems with the controls, try deleting the mapping.keys file in the media folder, it will then do a remapping session at the start.


made an update to the game,
fixed the impossibility to continue after death when you didn´t make a highscore.
Unconfused left right up and down in my code, so xbox 360 controller now works without problems. ( Only keyboard can be custom mapped though ).

The updated file is at the game page:



Much better with the controls sorted.
I have played it loads,Rather tricky,Still can't finish the first level without getting my brains eaten!

It seems a bit crap i can't vote on itch unless i submit a game.


A little tip, when you get eaten you can push fire repeatedly to push zombies away from you,
after pushed away, zombies are unconcious for a short time.

Thanks for trying monkeybot :good:


As a matter if interest how does your lighting algorithm cope with  higher resolutions?




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(E. W. Dijkstra)


I could optimized the floodfill algorythm and completly get rid of quadratic distance calc.
But I wont Hold my breath, maybe 320x240 could be possible.
I am Learning some advanced lighting and schader development in computer graphics this semester all in pure opengl. But still takes some time till we get to the interesting stuff there


The fog o dead is cool :D
I <3 DGArray's :D

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I gave a go on the update version now, no sound?
Pretty good light fx!
Got to the 4th level.


Thx for trying erico.
I need to spedk to my music guy again. It seems he has forgotten me. :(


Add other weapons, more types of enemies, some even little background story and it would be great little survival game for mobiles. Really it would be nice to see it on Android. As art style is consistent, and gameplay is quite fun. Still no version with music/sfx :p
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Mobile wont be possible because the virtual screen issue on mobile platforms.
Maybe I could Work around this, I have to look at the Code again to be sure.
There is allready Support for other Tiles and different Colored lights.
I wonder how this will be playable using Touchscreen controls, because of the strafe walking function.