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Kitty Hello

The cleanup process is coninuing. The new v14 will be the next platform that will get long-time support.
This time the setup only contains the Win32 compilers, but with all headers. You can get the platform packages, that YOU need.
Each of the packages is able to compile the GLBasic source code, thus it's easy to start adding new platforms if you dare or help me fix problems.

The folder structure is a lot clearer now, I think you get the idea easily.

The news:
PRESCALER (read the manual) offers you a way to bring your Caanoo games to Android with one line of code: PRESCALER 320,240 // done!

Also for TYPEs, each TYPE has a function dbg(), that uses DEBUG to print all type variables.

Furthermore, I fixed a few bugs. Also for v12! Get the update if you don't want to try v14.


Thanks a lot Gernot and everyone involved into it. You guys rock! :good: :booze:
Will be testing v14.

edit: Long live Arcadia!

Ian Price

Sounds cool :)
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Well done putting in all the work and getting GLBasic back on track.
I appreciate it hasn't been easy, with the crash and all.
Nice one.
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Ewww cool stuff, thanks Gernot!
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Thanks for all the work...


Looks like this fixed a memory leak in windows 7, :enc:
i will continue to test this phenomenon though....i didnt spend enough time checking, but outright, its looking stable.
ps. bug report for setscreen in v12 and v14 updates.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Still on my vacattion, then v14 out. Hehe

Then Android v12 is ended and next ae releases is v14.

Im thinks ae on a version is included now, not sure which one.

Please note, DEBUG should changes to STDOUT, getnot. DEBUG newer works on IOS. The name is allready taken by the Apple compiler and giving the error.

PRESCALER is a great idea.
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Is V14 available in source code, or if not, will it be?

BTW how do you compile, I always get this:
Code (glbasic) Select
*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
*** create process failed
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Wow good News!
Gernot is still active  :nw:
I <3 DGArray's :D

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I think this is a great move, moving away from a large monolithic code base should make it more approachable(and a little less scary!). End users will get a much smaller download too.

Lastly, it's great to see this peice of software, that we all know and love, getting the support it deserves.

Thanks Gernot!  :good:


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Kitty Hello

SETSCCREEN is fixed in 14.002 and 12.6xx.


Great news. :enc: For now, there are compile errors for old complex project but works fine otherwise. Interesting to see a change for the platform selection. v8, 10, 12 & 14 SDKs are now installed on my system, which I need for older devices and projects.


Great Stuff Gernot!!
Can I side-install it to a new folder without affecting my current v12.3 setup (including current Android setup and AExtras)?
(I have numerous apps and want to ensure I can re-compile with v12 for any android crash issues)

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Wow nice new debug features,
need to try those when it gets ugly again :D