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Error 3 is indeed a file doesn't exist, but it doesn't even point to a code line, which is poor.
Congratulations on the Android release.

I won't hold my breath for the iOS version as GLB fails to compile for iOS, and for me has failed for the past year. Problems with importing icons or some other error. Good to see developers are getting games out though  :good:
Quote from: Heiko on 2014-Nov-03
is that codet with glb?
if yes i have some questions.

Yes, it's coded in GLB.
Took about 3 months in total with the music, gfx and code.
Thank you for the feedback, especially regarding the graphics and the "pro" comments. I'm uploading a YT video today to the PlayStore and try to get more interest :-)
@spacefractal. If you send v3 I'll implement as soon as I can. Thank you.
Something to wile away those hours and infuriate you with every collision  :rant:

Android (FREE with IAP)
GLB is replacing the Android Icons with the crappy border. Arrggghhhh! Please someone help me get rid of this nightmare. How can we turn it off???????? I appreciate this maybe not an AE issue but I know you use AndroidIcons.exe to du this stuff for us. Can't we just delete the crappy icon png from glb directory?
What's the problem with providing the required verification information? As stated it's a legal obligation now and there's no reason to not do it surely???
I will re-upload this file later on today. I have been working on a new version of the editor called SPRiTEX, although EzMap probably deserves a thread of its own. I'll make sure I upload the latest version + source code.
I've amended the codeline in the GLBasic_v12 Compile directory, how come you didn't include that fix in the AE exe install file? If I perform the orientation test at the start of my code to determine what orientation the device is in at launch, do I use GETJOY in a loop to further check tilting so as to use SETORIENTATION once I know the original ORIENTATION and define it accordingly.
I'm using this in a loop and I keep getting a 0 value??????

"JGET = " + Android.getScreenOrientation()
Here is an Alien Breed tileset and mock-map to show how the tiles piece together. I posted this before but the image url is likely to be dead now, so I've embedded the images instead.

Here are 20 bitmap fonts to use freely for your projects :-)
I'm out now until later this evening but I'll zip the project for you to look at. Cheers SF.