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DONT add borders to the icon (And a workaround for Android)


Im have today fighted with those annoying borders on the android icons, which seen changed in v12.096 and is quite lost control how the end look should look like. Grrr. Even removing the pngs in the tool dir diddent help. If im does that, its just add black borders instead.

Here im want to do anything manually, not let glbasic take control over the icons.

im have fixed that issue by changing thing in AndroidIcons.exe, after changes to glbasic v12, so you again have full controls over your icons for Android.

Glbasic IDE or AndroidIcons.exe generate those files if not exists:

With the new exe, those files is not deleted anymore (its copy back again from resource folders, if that happens) and glbasic is lucky not replace that if they exists allready (thanks). To replace a icon, just edit one of the above and delete any icon.png that mightbeen in Android/Res subfolders.

Im chocen not to resize automatic, because resizeing in a paint app looks better rather that one blitzmax did (not is not a glbasic app to fix, tools like this im still perfer blitzmax).

Here is a new version, until im have included into Android Extras:

Ian Price:
Cheers Alan. :)

The bordered icons are fugly aren't they. I did mention this to Gernot a couple of years ago tbh.

on iOS this can been fixed by manually update icon files in xcode and remove eventuelly old reference in the plist. So here its not needed to do any fix at all there.


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