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GLBasic code editor - BR GLB IDE, with VB .Net source... Update: 21.10.2021

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BR GLB IDE (may change)
This is my attempt to make code editor with features that standard IDE is missing.
Written in Visual Basic 2013 with .NET 4.5 and ScintillaNet 3.x, a source code editor for GLBasic. Free, full source code included (WIP project so beware of coding style).

Current version: 21.10.2021
Download link in attachments - so I can easily count them ;)

What does it look like?

Feature list:
- custom lexer for code coloring, syntax highlighting (all GLB keywords and user typed),
- code folding (Subs, Functions, Types, //#region),
- colored margins to see what part of code were modified,
- colored background for tabs with source names (color depends on source modification counter),
- customisable styles, that can be easily shared,
- bookmarks, saved in separate file,
- auto-completion (see attached gif) for both GLB keywords (full list), and dynamically typed user functions, types and variables, (includes identification of global, local variables/functions),
- hints (function arguments, comments) for all standard GLB functions, and user typed functions,
- show function/type definition (press CTRL and click on word (if it's a function) to go to its definition, works also with types and normal variables),
- quite advanced types handing - identifies nested types, functions in types and all what comes with it,
- support for older GLB v12 up to newest Steam v16 compilers,
- each project is compiled/built in separate temporary directory, skipping unchanged files during compilation (similar to IncrediBuild),
- and more, ah and full source code included,
NOTE: Not all functions have their own menus, try using same keyboard shortcuts as in standard editor.



Current issues:
- Current version of Scintilla doesn't use hard tabs (like most of modern text editors/ide), default soft tabs are 4 spaces width,
- Only basic project management,
- Not bullet-proof for errors,
- Compiling tested only for WIN32/64 platform, other platforms could be working,
- Find&Replace is binded to one Scintilla object (can't do multiple file search/replace without writing new component),
- DEBUG command doesn't work (it just don't show info), to replace it use STDOUT with this fix:

--- Code: (glbasic) ---INLINE
extern "C" {
#include <cstdio>
namespace __GLBASIC__ {

FUNCTION stdout_fix:
setbuf(stdout, NULL);
--- End code ---
and use 'stdout_fix()' function at start of your sources, and STDOUT as equivalent of DEBUG.

Current TODO
Fix bugs.

What you need to get it work?
1. Download and install .Net 4.5 Framework Redistributable / Client Pack, newer system have it built-in.
2. Compile any project with normal GLB IDE, and copy '' ('C:\Users\-X-\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic' or '%temp%\glbasic') to app directory. This file is needed by glbasic compiler, but files from temp dir are always deleted, so we need to have it in some place and copy each time before compiling.
3. Run my IDE, goto 'tools->Options', type proper path to your GLBasic dir (to know where is the compiler, for example: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v15'), also specify company name, save cfg.
4. Load your project, edit, select win32 platform, compile. All should work now.

Legacy projects - no longer updated.
To keep this post clean download links will be separated from main editor attachment.

BR GLD IDE ver VB 2010
Previous version of my code editor, made with VB 2010, .Net 2.0 and ScintillaNET 2.x

Pre GPC - precompiler to use with your favorite IDE
Simply it's PureBasic project with command line interface, that can open and compile GLB projects, you just need to pass any legit source code as argument, and app will handle the rest. Thats why it can be used with external code editors like SublimeText (as they can't read GLB project themselves).
This archive includes SumblimeText 'package' started by Albert here

 :enc: :enc: HI dreamerman this can be absolutely cool, can use GLbasic in any IDE, I like a lot the GLBasic Ide but perhaps in CodeBlocks or Sublime Text can be wonderfull pick code in GLBasic...

I hope when you finished the project make a tutorial for know how make the process to add the Compiler and all the needed for working...

Thanks a lot, and Welcome, I think you are "newbie"  :P here!!!

Setup is really simple, only few steps, I have change first post a little so now it's clearly written how to setup app.
For SublimeText most of GLBasic functions are defined now, so auto-completion is more usefully. Still this editor isn't perfect, no function list and so on :/

I looked into CodeBlocks custom syntax highlighting and it's little complicated - need to write scintilla lexer and some additional things.
Is there any other good, free IDE with auto-completion, hints with easy configuration for custom languages? Or it would be better to write new IDE from scratch..

I now text Editor 2, it's possible configure our own languajes and put the keywords for autocomplete.

hm.. no replies? :p Unfortunately I didn't found other good cross language IDE that could be easily configured to use with GLB, and would have all needed features, so I decided to write my own editor for GLB. Based on ScintillaNet and written in VB .Net, most important to me is to have hint's for user typed functions and auto-completion for them. Still .Net version of Scintilla is old and doesn't have all newer features and bugfixes but it should be sufficient for what I plan to add in my editor.

You can download current version from first post, this is very limited release - just to show how hints and other stuff will work, I need to finish some things, then I will add compiling, and later other features.
Ah and remember it's not planned to be most beautiful IDE, just to have all features working.


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