Flarebrush beta (android)

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Flarebrush is a simple paintprogram for android, maybe interesting for kids or preteenagers, or people who like flares and glowing brushes. You can choose between 16 brushes in 7 colors (8. color comes later), change brushsize, use colorcycling, x or xy mirror, load, save and play your drawings.
Flarebrush is working on tablets and smartphones with a min. resolution of 400 pixel vertical. But its better working with tablets or big smartphones with pen.

This version is almost ready, but there are still a couple of things to do. The 8. color is missing at the moment, also you cant use a few buttons in the main menue.

Please feel free to let me know what you think, if you have critics, ideas or suggestions. Every critic is welcome.

here the link:


btw... Does someone know, how I can save images with glbasic on an android device, so everyone can later find them and open? At the moment you can only save and load inside the program, but I cannot find the files in my filebrowser.

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Kitty Hello

Looks very good. How did you do the line drawing? I had terrible problems with speed in the iPod Touch 1st gen.


thank you. The drawing is made very simple. When mouse pressed, program will draw one brush and then make a screenshot and use this as background. You can only draw lines if you draw slow. If you draw too fast you only get a row of brushes.