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I´m working on a couple of small Games for android devices. It´s almost working great but I have a few questions at this moment:

1. On my archos g9 101 It seems that the volume buttons are blocked. Is there a way to unblock them?
2. I tried to use mp3 and ogg files on android, but both dont work. I readed that it is possible to use ogg, but how?
3. When I use limitfps, my android device is sometimes ignoring it, is there another method to limit fps precisely?
4. When using a scrolling background, I sometimes have small buckers. Are there a few tricks maybe to force soft scrolling?

btw.. you can test my actual game here (for android tablets):





1.  Dont know
2.  OGG files should work - the correct path and filename is needed to play music
3.  Yes, use my AppTimer routine
4.  What is a bucker ?


I tried another mp3 2 ogg converter and now the music is playing on android. However, sometimes when I start the program now, the whole sound+music has changed to "garbage-noise"... Maybe every 5-10 times.

I will try your apptimer very soon, thanks for the tip

With bucker I mean that the scrolling is almost soft, but every 1-2 seconds it stops very shortly. In other words, it´s stammering.



AppTime should sort out the 'bucker' problem to a certain extent.  Really I think most Android devices are a little underpowered compared to the iOS devices -- but it might just be me (and my 2 Android devices) that think so. :)
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