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Is there a simple "Beep" or "Bleep" command? Nothing complicated like playing an orhestral-quality symphony, just a simple "Beep - I'm done!" noise that can be called from a single command?

If not - could we maybe have one?

Unfortunately no - and using CHR$(7) wont work...

The only way around it is to either use C and interface with the Windows sound system or load & play a beep sample...

That would explain why I can't find it. I'm starting to think we could save everyone a lot of reading if I just PM'd you an incessant series of questions ;)

Thanks again - I think playing a .wav sound is where it's going to have to be at :) Just seems more hassle then a "Beep" type command would be. Or even something more complex (like BBC BASIC has)

Under Windows the answer is easy :
Import the DLL "kernel32.dll" for using Beep function :
public static extern bool Beep(Int32 freq, Int32 duration)

but in other platforms/ maybe our Gernot will make a new function using a similar SDL library :  :whistle:


Bye bye,

That would be nice :)


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