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Don't stop the user music on devices under demmand

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Dark Schneider:
There should be a way to say GLBasic not to stop the user music when launch the application.

Some games are preferable to have no music, and allow users to use their own in their music library, but currently GLBasic always stops the playing music when start the application.

Then, I think it could be good add something, probably the best location is in project properties, and mark and option for "Allow user custom music".

The main target I can think for this is of course the iPhone, but it can be used too on others devices, and in the future on iPad too.

I'm very interested in this too.

Kitty Hello:
Yes. Me too. How to do that? (Trucidare!?)

Here's a good resource for music playback:

--- Quote ---You use an MPMusicPlayerController object, or music player, to play media items from the iPod library. There are two types of music player:

* The application music player plays music locally within your application. It is not aware of the iPod app’s now-playing item, nor does it affect the iPod state.
* The iPod music player employs the built-in iPod application on your behalf. On instantiation, it takes on the current iPod application state, such as the identification of the now-playing item. If a user quits your application while music is playing, that music continues to play. The iPod application then has your music player’s most recently-set repeat mode, shuffle mode, playback state, and now-playing item.
--- End quote ---

Kitty Hello:
ok, I think I will make it, that if the iPod is on, the PLAYMUSIC commands will be ignored and iPod is played. Is that OK?


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