Updating from 10.283 to steam version, some questions

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Hey everybody.

As the title says already, I´m currently downloading the new glbasic version from steam. Also I want to buy the html5 compiler probably.

It seems that a long time has gone since my last update and I dont want to miss anything important. So I wanted to ask what are the most important changes, new features, speed improvements ect since Version 10.2?

Also I would like to buy the html5 compiler. Is it easy to use? Just want to use it with 2d games, no 3d.

thanks for your attention  :booze:




In general you can found full log file, launch editor and go to Help->Logfile, and I highly advise to check this, always some small thing can go unnoticed.
And from v10.2 to current v16 there were many changes, new platforms like Android, HTML5, some other are discontinued iOS, WebOS, core under-the-hood like GCC toolchain was updated, language optimizations, ton of bugfixes, some new features like new commands (FLOOR, CEIL, IIF, SETLOOPSUB ...). 2D specific thing is changes how Alpha commands now work, full info about that in manual.
GLB is still powerhouse for 2d graphics.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


In the GLB page of your Steam library you can see the updates in detail, or you can see in this page.


Update notes translated to English:

New commands: MEM2FONT, FONT2MEM
5 jul 2021

- New update
Mostly bug fixes with Shoebox and the editor.
15 jun 2021

- New Release
Win32: Fixed mouse wheel MOUSEAXIS(2) for SYSTEMPOINTER FALSE
HTML5: Platform now available on STEAM.
13 mar 2021

- Bugfixes
Editor: Bugfix for loading older project files (examples ...)
Core: Shoebox re-implemented. You have to recreate the SBX files!
13 mar 2021

- Autocomplete for TYPEs
The new update features autocomplete for TYPE members in editor.
10 ago 2019