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A little idea if is possible.

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HI guys is possible to do this in the IDE.
For me a lot of times when I change the source code and I want to go again to previous, sometimes after hours working is a bit hard to see and find quickly what source code I used.

I don't now if is too much complex add custom colors like in the image but perhaps can be useful.

Looks interesting. If I´m changing some great parts of the code, I usually do a full backup of the point before messing with stuff I´m unsure I can get back.

Another point I think sometimes, is using some kind of mark for you  have ordened the code in groups... In example imagine you do a Ship, yo do the code of the ship, the ship xploding , the ship shots, and a lot of things and you have to put in various source code... all is about the same, the Ship, then you can add a color mark to the source codes about the ship, and see very quickly where is each part of the code.

I say like idea, I don't know if do this little things needs a lot of works.

I use git: https://git-scm.com/
I can always go back to previous code by doing "git reset". :)

Thanks Rober7.. I think I wrote bad (again  :rant:), I dont want say something for if you lost the code, basically is for when you writing code can see very quick on your working... but thanks for the link... I take a look.
 :good: :booze:


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