uploading android app on googleplay without signing?

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A few days ago I have finished the first version of my very first glbasic app called "Flarebrush".

However, I have accidently uploaded the apk without signing it. While waiting for googleplay to check the files, i found out here in the forum that i have to sign an app before uploading.

But now it seems, surprise...  that googleplay has accepted the app.


The only problem now seems to be the "com.redpixelgames" in the link.  Can I just open the apk, change the text and upload again?

Or is uploading an app without signing somehow a problem? Please let me know what you think.





im have allways signed my apps, so im not sure here. Howover Google Play store is done more or less automatic. But when first signed, then you can no longer update your apps, if you lost the key file (So keep it in a safe place).

For each new version, you do need to update android:versionCode in AndroidManifest.xml to been set higher than previous version.

If you uses Android Extras, Android 2.2 is not supported (api-8). The olderst supported Android version in a Android Extras and in future glbasic is Android 2.3.3 (api-10).

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