UO DiNGSFont v6 (11. Septemper 2012)

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The "foreign" letters are awesoming... this tool it´s fantastic... so and each new version better and better, thanks for this fantastic Job!!!
  :booze: :booze: :good: :good: :good: :-* :-* :-*


Good job!! Thank you for sharing!!


Wow, das Teil ist der Hammer! Klasse Arbeit!  :good:
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The new load/save-feature is awesome, really saved me some work =D thanks


So useful! So beautiful!
Whaaaaaaaaaaa!   <3
Fantastic, Dude!
On the day the atom is a cube I will start believing in the square pixel.


Hi, ersma  :nw: . Sehr geiles Teil. Allerdings wird die Sprachenstellung nicht gespeichert, ist das richtig oder mache ich was falsch. Ansonsten  :good:
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Would it be possible to amend the program to allow custom file formats.  I'm looking to start adding "proper" proportional font printing now, and require a specific file format for loading.

Paul Smith

Don't know if this has been noticed as i haven't translated the pages but there is a Bug in the Green RGB value.
If I set background or outline etc to 255,0,128 the PNG always saves as 255,4,128 value. not a real problem but good to point out if your doing multiple transparencies .

But I do like this program, good work  :nw:

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