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iPhone: Target Name
« on: 2009-Sep-10 »
Not really a bug as such but I am sure it worked in an older version.

When you try and compile your iPhone project in XCode it says there is "No launchable executable present at path."

To fix this, you have to expand "Targets" under "Groups & Files", right click "iPhone" then "Get Info".

Under the "General" tab change the name from "iPhone" to something like "MyGame".

Then under the "Build" tab, scroll down to "Product Name", double click that and change the text to the same as you did for "General", e.g. "MyGame". This should change the Product Name for Debug and Release.

As I said, its not really a bug but I am sure I used to copy stuff straight over to the Mac and run it without any changes. If I am talking rubbish just say so :)

Also, do I get a prize for "The Post with the most Quotation Marks 2009"? ;)