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I really like GLB, but I would like to know if I can do what I want with it before continuing.

I'm going to need Gernot's agreement if I want to do what I want.

Either I just make a wrapper, or I make a game maker like https://www.ambiera.com/coppercube/index.html but with the ability to code inside like GLB.

Kitty Hello

What programming language would you use for the final product?


GLBasic  :-[ ...but a version that would only use the wrapper for display (and therefore DX on Windows, that's why I called it DLB, which by the way is a bad idea because it will use GL on others platforms ::))
Yes I knew you couldn't like it, that's why I wanted to ask your opinion before  ;)

Well, I think I'll continue my wrapper and later just create a level editor with that wrapper's GUI (after all, it's already a lot of work and I don't have too much time).
We will see later for the integration (or not) of the basic in it... maybe a very simplified version.


I hope i understand you right there:
You writing a "Wrapper / GLBasic style syntax" in another language?
If so, why? Do your own way...

Next thing, why use DX on Windows?
Open your Window with GLFW and GL and you are good to go on most platforms.

Or use C# with .Net Core, there a good SDL2 Wrappers out there. :)
I <3 DGArray's :D

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I plan to use SGEngine and therefore Irrlicht (and therefore the best interface depending on the platform, which is much better for speed) and wanted to make a level editor with GLB incorporated in it.
For example, create a 3D map, place the characters, sounds, etc ... and retrieve their "variables" (position, rotation, volume, etc.) directly in the GLB incorporated without having to create them... in short, a small game maker.
Yes I know, I see a little too big I think  :D

That's why I needed Gernot's agreement.
But hey, I think I'll calm down and try to finish my SGEngine before I consider going any further.
In fact, it was while testing Coppercube that I had this idea.

I hope I was clearer in my explanations  ;)

Kitty Hello

I think, you have to explain it to me, because at the moment it looks like you want to re-wrap GLBasic in colourful paper, add a ribbon and sell it?


 :D   Nice and funny comparison Gernot  :good:

No, no, I had no intention of selling it.
It was even planned to make it an open-source project for the first version.
But hey, now that you mention it, it might not be such a bad idea if the product looks good to you for a pro version  ;)  we'll talk about it if that happens.

In any case I have to finish the engine before and I have already fallen behind.
I've been behind on all my projects for a few years, even for my job, I'm not sure why... Fatigue, old age  :sick:  but maybe also general demotivation, that's why I try to find new motivating projects.

Anyway, thank you for the answers and have a good day.

Kitty Hello

If it's based on GLBasic, why not make it an Add-On that required GLBasic? Win-win?


Hey! Very good idea Gernot!
This tool could create a GLB project which could only be compiled with GLBasic.

Why haven't I thought about it before?  ::) 
Thank you!  :good: