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Android Studio path anpassen + html


Hallo, ich habe das Android Studio nicht auf C:/xx sondern auf D:/xxx installiert.
Nun meckert mich GLB an ;)

!!! Android Studio not found at:
C:/Program Files/Android/Android Studio/bin/studio64.exe
!!! Please install Android Studio. Get from https://developer.android.com/studio

Wie kann ich hier den path auf D:/ anpassen?

Zu Html,
soweit ich weis, muus hier in Win bei den den Umgebungsvariablen für das emscripten gestzt werden, was muss da rein?

GLB Steam version.

Danke schon mal

I don't know if it works but it's the only reference I've found.
Try to regenerate the AndroidStudioMakeApp.exe file in the folder:
D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GLBasic_SDK\Compiler\platform\android_studio\tools or where the steam version is installed.

the sources in GLB can be found in:
D: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ GLBasic_SDK \ Compiler \ platform \ android_studio \ tools \ AndroidStudioMakeApp
you need to edit line 175 of AndroidStudioMakeApp.gbas
LOCAL astudio$ = "C:/Program Files/Android/Android Studio/bin/studio64.exe"

Test. But first, to be safe, backup the two files

Hello Qedo thank you very much for your help,
but unfortunately that has no effect.
Even if I adapt the * .gbas, the same error message comes up.
When the opportunity arises, I will uninstall Android Studio and then install it in the original path.


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