Faster iPhone, vertical or horizontal?

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I am making a ARKANOID clone for iPhone, and I dont mind to make it vertical (320x480) or horizontal (480x320).

I imagine that the iPhone has somekind of native resolution, and the other one is rotated 90º, I dont know if internally by iPhone hardware or GLBasic.

If I make it in native resolution, it should be faster, as no one has to rotate my screen.

Is this true?

Also, I have noted that "useasbmp" and "blendscreen" only works in portrait (horizontal) mode, so I imagine that "native" resolution on iphone is 480x320... is this true?

If so, the "correct" orientation (I mean, not rotated) is with HOME button on the right or in the left? I presume again that HOME on right is "native" and with HOME on left is rotated 180º...


Arkanoid is cool (compared to just Breakout) but has nothing to do with the question.  :-[

There really no difference in speed with portrait for landscape, even if you rotate a screen sprite.

Portrait: 320x480 (Home button on the bottom)
Landscape (GLB): (Home on the right)


In fact, it will be a Krakout clone... well, not a clone, Krakout on iOS  =D I have ripped C64 gfxs, and the game will have instant change from original C64 gfxs and improved gfxs.  :zzz:


Oh I like that version! Are you going to submit this to the Apple App Store?  :whistle:


I hope so. My idea is to have it for new year.

Ian Price

I absolutely loved Krakout on CPC and C64 - the music was, and still is incredible (I actually prefer the CPC music, it was less shrill). The game wasn't too shabby either! :P

Love to play a remake on my iPod. Good luck.
I came. I saw. I played.


It'll be immediately pulled off, maybe further legal trouble as well, as long as you don't have permission from the original author of Krakout?

By the way, I spent long hours in front of that game when I was a child...:)


Yeh, be careful not to get blocked by copyright concerns.  :doubt:

BTW won't the game be too easy on a touch screen?


Perhaps you shold contact the authors and offer them som of the income.
A direct clone in an appstore without permissions is not cool.

By the way ... cool choise of breakout. I think this one is superior to arkanoid. Remember playing it on C64 :)

I might be helpful with graphics.
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Who's the owner? The programmer or the software house?

It was made by Gremlin Graphics, who was bought by Infrogames, who was bought by Atari, who has not responded me... Yes I tried.

Btw, I plan to use original  and new remixed ones, but will not contact musivians until game is more developed. 
I have search for c64 coder, David Green, and cannot find any reference/email.


If you submit a game with the same name and ripped graphics, it will be reject by the App store.  :giveup:

The least you can do is change the graphics and name.....but nothing wrong with shooting for originality.  ;)


Hehe, Krakout was the first C64 game I ever saw, on my friend's machine. :happy:
What followed was endless nagging and sleeve pulling until I got my own Commodore. I haven't regretted it since. Parents probably did.

PS: don't rip other's graphics. It's not nice.


I have to rip them for exact C64 version. Enhaced iOS version will have new/improved gdx made from scratch.