Football / Soccer AI?

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Does anybody know  good resource for a football / soccer game AI? In GLBasic? =D


No, but if a player near the ball use SIN/COS to walk in direction of the ball.
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Hi There,

Thanks for the reply. I've some ideas but since this is a project per request and not experimental, I want to investigate any possible ready made solutions to understand whether it's something achievable easily. I'm not expecting a Fifa kind of result though as it's an arcade kind of football game  :).


Kitty Hello

I'd try to play some C64 football game and view their strategies. "Street Sports Football" IIRC was a very good one.


The book "Game AI by example" has some sort of football AI routine, at least that's how I remember as I only skimmed through it few years ago.
It's not basic code but either c/c++ or pseudocode, can't remember.


Thank you very much...

I'm downloading the sources to see what it got and it doesn't matter which language is any resource that I'll investigate, I'm just trying to get an overall info about it...