FastBall by Klik! Games, coming soon to IPhone / IPod Touch...

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Hi There,

I'm proud to inform you about our upcomign first game, FastBall, for IPhone/IPod Tcouh platform. It has been started as a test game to warm up into the platform and as people around us liked it very much, we decided to release it as our first game.

In the game, you are controlling a ball which is continusly rolling and has lots of obstacles in it's way. To avoid these obstacles, you make our ball jump by tapping into the screen, sounds easy I guess ...   :)

Here's the first glimpse of the gameplay, sorry for the terrible quality as it's my first experience in such a thing :

It'll be submitted this week and hopefully will be available in a week or so after the submission...

Let me also express that GLBasic has helped me a lot while developing it, pretty easy and clean language which allows you to get productive quickly, kudos to the creators... ;)


I <3 DGArray's :D

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Kitty Hello

Very cool.
Some suggestions:
-make the collected stars fade out slower (that you can see more of the effect)
-the ball rotation should be sliiiightly faster to match the floor length
calculate: Peri = R*4 * 3.1415. "peri" is the length in pixels that the ball rolls with one full clock turn.
-add "moving" objects, maybe?
-add a button to brake/speed up?


Hello Gernot,

Glad you liked it. I'll look into the star fade and ball rotation speed.

About adding further game mechanics, actually, we already have similar and a lot more mechanics in our mind, but, since this started as a test project and want to release it asap, coz we have more games in the pipeline, we wanted to keep the gameplay in the simplest form possible. Hopefully, if we get a good reaction for it, we'll include them in "FastBall 2" to make it a much richer gameplay experience.

Thanks again... ;)

Kitty Hello

My personal experience is: polish your game at the very start. Then release it. If it's not shiny, it will drown like the Titanic. Same time span, same depth.