Game speed slower on IPod Touch!

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Hello There,

Finally, I could deploy my first test game on IPod Touch. Everything seems to be fine apart that the gameplay is slower than what I see in PC. Does anybody know why this happens?

I don't have much processing that takes time and also the game fps is set to 60.




The ARM processors run at a much slower speed than ones in normal PC's - although they can do a lot more per instruction than Intel's conveluted mess.

Your movement system shouldn't be based on a fixed step, but timer based.  You should also not limit the FPS.


I thought so as well and started to change the fps based paradigm to time based one. Other than that, I use a 1st generation IPod touch which has slower processor which I think affects it as well.

Something that I wondering is that the GLBasic created xcode is a native code to be compiled for IPhone I guess, I mean no additional layer acting as a run-time or something which affects the speed as well?



I have an 8mb iPod Touch and soon keen to get the 16mb version because it's faster!


I've converted my frame based logic to time based and the speed is the same as in desktop, thank you,  especially MrTAToad... :D