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Got it, also took the chance to use my original resolution so to use more horizontal screen and ended up re fine tuning some stuff, so it is an xd version :D

Using GLB 10.057, I get the following console output:
*** Configuration: PANDORA ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.8.013 SN:889e9163 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:1594 commands
Please copy the dir: D:\JOB\MRU_LV-426 Patrol\MRU_LV426\MRU_LV\PandoraMake
on an SD card and run "_compile.sh" on the Pandora. Your bin is SD/MRU_LV.app/pandora.prg then
put that in your .app directory and you're done.
Optionally pack the .app to a .pnd
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 7.0 sec. Time: 18:14
Build: 1 succeeded.

Is that normal? Then a file called pandora-exe.pnd is created along side the pc executable and the file that the console refers to.
I zipped it with the media folder, is that how it works?

Ian Price

I've never see that output text before! I've never had to run any compile.sh file either. Strange. :S

Anyway, I'll have a look at that in a mo and report back.

[EDIT] OK. Gave it a try and... perfect. Full screen and running smoothly.

The only thing is that "A" is not the best choice for jumping. I can feel the "X" button under my thumb when pressing. "X" or "B" would be better choices. Although you could easily make all of them jump.
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Great! I have just updated the version on the pandora forum for testing.
Will add the buttons suggestion on next version for sure.

One thing I noticed on this GLBasic version is that the volume on the PLAYSOUND command is not playing anything if it is below 1, like .5 for example.
Fixed by changing the volumes on the samples itself...it just sucks a bit to mix all sounds as it gets time consuming and not immediate.

So the nubs on the pandora respond as 2 separate mouses? Maybe I could add another player and make both bump on each other, each car controlled by each nub so to support a local multiplayer (here moving up would jump) but I´m not sure I should dwell with this code much longer other than to set it for a future recode...but I sure would like to add a few bits to make it a nicer experience.

Thanks a lot for testing Ian! This one version is supposed to be superior than the compo one and is using a resolution more close to what I planned in first place (ye, not the compo res).

edit: If I haven´t pestered you enough already...could you point me towards where I could figure out how to do a pnd? Anytime you can. :)

Ian Price

No; the nubs act as one mouse - the left nub is movement, the right nub acts as the buttons (up is LMB, down is RMB). They can be reconfigured, but that's standard. Not sure if they can act as two individual mouses/mice/meeces though. They probably can, but I've had no reason to try.

I'll email you the .PND details tomorrow - I've just finished my night shifts and I'm totally knackered. Going to have an early night.
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All fine Ian, super thanks for all the help, take your time, no hurry.
Hopefully this GLB version also exports to the caanoo all fine.
Have a nice rest. (don´t dream of teas!)

Ian Price

I've now had a good night's sleep and a fair few cups of tea. Time to get started!

I've attached a file with all you need in there to help get a proper, working, distributable .PND file for the Pandora.

There is a little bit of work involved, but not too much. It can take a few attempts to get a working .PND though...

The attached file contains two directories -

- The first file is PNDTools.

- The second is all the files you need to make a working .PND. These are actual working scripts etc., created by me. You will need to edit these as follows for your own use.

Firstly you need to adapt the pandora.sh file (pandora.sh) and PXML.xml file to your own needs. You will have to edit these files manually (I use Wordpad or Notepad); wherever the name "pandora" appears , change the name to your own game name (including in the name of the .sh script). These all have to match EXACTLY. You might want to change the email address too, as that's my email address and use your own name. Save your changes and you're ready to

Change the ReadMe file to reflect your app. You can put anything in here, but it should be instructions, keys, copyright info etc.

Add three screenshots to the previews folder (named 01.PNG, 02.PNG and 03.PNG)

Once all the above is done, run the PNDTools.exe. This is a GUI tool that you use to put it into a PROPER .PND that can be distributed on the Repo. It's fairly obvious what needs to go where and it's mainly drag and drop. Grab and drop your "Media" directory, ReadMe.txt, "previews" directoryand "scripts" directory in the top part. These will now be listed and you can look inside the directories to ensure all is correct.

Now you need to add your pandora.exe.pnd - grab and drop that in the top part too - a dialogue box will appear. Click "No" - the .pnd should now be seen in the files list.

Click the "Load icon" button and select your icon (.PNG format 64x64 or less - transparency accepted) - make sure that the icon name is the same as used in the .xml file

Click the "LOAD PXML" button and add your PXML.xml (**NOT** the GLB .XML file).

Finally click the "CREATE PND..." button. Name your file (ensure you add ".pnd" to the file name).

You should now have a working .PND file. Run it on a Pandora to test. If the icon shows up and the game runs then you can now distribute it on the Repo.

Hope this helps AND works. Any questions, just shout (very, very loudly as I may not be able to hear you all the way from Brazil!) :P
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Nice! This should work out and surely helps.
Will let you know how it goes. :good:


Fixed a bunch of stuff, made bridges longer and pillars able to be more distanced between each other.
Made a better background as well as 24 scrolling midgrounds (taken from another game of mine :D)
The game´s track uses only a random unique set of 4 of those, so every game you get more or less a different midground.

I should not be too far away from a release I guess.
For android, it is going to suck to find out a good control method.

I will be adding some fchanges and then release it here for a final testing section.
If someone wants to try the ongoing versions, let me know.

Ian Price

I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

Looks good. For Android use single button control? (Might have to tweak the way the bombs fall, then)


Single button control may work, but how can I do a jump with it?
Yep, if the bombings change to an easier set, it could definitely work.

I was thinking about using the black side borders as left border for movement and the right one for jumping.
I guess I will have to try that out to see if it works.

Anyways, here is the latest beta.
Let me know what you guys think of it.
I guess I will change some cosmetic stuff and add music and be done with it.


It's a 3 input game. So single button does not work, but it's can still been a one finger game (tank will move to the finger). If the finger is over, it's will jump and eventuelly move to the finger position as well.
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As the game is now, it won´t work with a single button.
But I fell Kitty is somehow right to say so and make the game more accessible, more people could have fun playing it.

I added a time bullet power and sand storm (with thunders of course!), also trying a score system and a few other bits.
I saw a few posts here about internet global scores, I might look at that later.

Anyways, here is a latest video bit:

I will upload a test version here soon.


Looking good Erico.


This took a while, but the itchio page is updated to the last version.

Will also update the very first post here with the latest version for posterity.
This sure needs a recode with some shooting :)