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MRU:LV-426 Escape from Hadley´s Hope

LATEST EDIT: uploaded final version here too (MRU_LV-final.zip).

Here a follow up on the more complex parts for me to face while coding:

_Creates a random 25 sized MAP containing first and last(7) checkpoints plus 5 distributed checkpoints. Fill the rest of the blocks with plains, slopes or bridges.
_Creates a random 1000 by 10 TRACK based on MAP at a 1x40 ratio.
_Creates a random
_Use a 44 by 10 marker on the TRACK corresponding to the position the game is happening for the real time terrain movement, interaction and transformations (reality bubble).
_Convert between TRACK and normal XY sprite coordinates to check collisions tank/ground, bomb/ground, explosion/ground.
_Explosion is nerfed, it creates a 3 by 3 area around the bomb hit and shots 4 random cells.
_Check  ground/ground gravity and destroy cells accordingly. Cells can only be if there is something under it. Bridges must be connected to a knot at least 3 cells away sideways.
_Bomb/tank collision happens normally similar to box2d.
_At TRACK 1000, it all gets copied till 2000 but flipped, same with 3000. It makes a 75 sized MAP corresponding to a 3000x10 TRACK.
_The 75 MAP are divided into some 15 groups that contains information on how many aliens should randomly appear and shoot. This draws a difficulty line.

The coords between TRACK and normal objects was a bit monstrous to make.
Now I know better. :)
Latest map generator beta is appended to this post, control with:
_Arrows to move cursor.
_+shift to scroll terrain.
_z /x/ c to fire guns going from single to wider shot.
_enter to generate new game.
Jam Logcat: https://itch.io/jam/gbjam-5/topic/41619/mrulv-426-patrol#post-57131
Jam info: https://itch.io/jam/gbjam-5


Made a final game layout, lot´s had to change unfortunately. :(
I thought to keeps the gfx but it becomes too small and drawing bigger stuff start to require more time.
The extra color also brings newer composition habilities since the 3 colors we had before has either to work out contrast or there will be a plenty of borders ;p

Anyway, some stuff is already redone at least to get some code flowing.
The world is the very first thing that needs to be done since it messes a lot with the main playability.
Here a vid of it in action and I shall upload a version later today so we can check it out.


edit: no more tube embend on the forum?


Gameboy did only have 4 colors (edit: im wasent are we only used 3 colors, but its was still b&w style).

Yes the resolution is now 160px x 144px instead of 64x64. But we also dont need to full the picture area either, which means we can move the text outside the picture, so we no longer have text into the picture. Then we property need to redraw or rescale to 128x128, and then rest can been (press start to play) and such, without clutter the picture than before.

Im also property we can reuse all ingame elements, eventuelly add a extra status, due resolution change. We can also add some more floors, but can also act as its was before.

Then we can focus on more variered air attack, due more screen area to them. Ufos could eventuelly attacks in random heights.

We do not need to change the sprites, if you ask me. Its small, but im like them as they are.

PS. And yes, we have short in time. Also im did a another tune, which eventuelt can been included. Im will email you that.
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I´m not worrying for the time, I just hope something is done and playable for the compo.
I really want to change this into a featured game, probably try to sell the release version into the many formats.

I like the small gfx too, but it doesn´t blend ok with the resolution if on a phone. So all will change.
I will see to release a compo version only on its screen size and the rest on my own size.
This is going to have 4 colors but I will leave the gfx part for later.

I have a very extended design messy docs here, Ian once saw it and understood nothing :D I´m pretty bad with words. :-[

But I will try to follow that up.

The map generator is more or less done.
I will add the enemy wave control to it (layer 0 of the track array), destructible capacity and it should be complete.

Here a bridgy area and you can also download to give a try.
Arrow to scroll map, shift+arrows to move cursor.

edit: exe link on first post.


Remember AS gameboy did have a quite blurry screen.

On mobile, you would upscale to fit screen anyway and should not have a issue.
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Yep, just like the avocado game, that is why the proportion is similar. I can use the scaling code you fixed just perfectly.

Here the final testing for the terrain. All is fine as it seems, can advance to the game itself and player now.
Have a play with it:

No anomalies should happen on the terrain it doesn´t matter how you destroy it.
It has a very interesting realtime gravity behaviour.
Apart from the standard easing of borders and killing of single ground towers, the bridges have a very special way to colapse.
A bridge ground will fall apart if disconnected at one side to a bridge knot at least 3 blocks away. :)
Very indiana jony!

What do you guys think?

edit: will put the exe link on top post, check it out.


gave Ian you the original code? or did you start from begining. Its was very much playable and liked it. Yes a demo for the combo is fine. But dont forgot your long time project :-).
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Oh no, won´t forget the other projects, they are going on.
It is just that I want to code on my free time instead of drawing and the avocado needs only drawing at this point. :D
The is redone, I haven´t seen Ian´s latest build, just exes.


Here a latest video about the track.
I can´t seem to add youtube videos anymore, did something change?
The you tube button is missing.



Here the player in action. It works fine but I really should  remake the collision checks between objects (player) and the terrain array.
The player and terrain movement are the more important parts to get right on this game (and any I guess).

What do you guys think so far?


Looks really nice Erico.


look and fell different than that version ian came with (which was near finished). Actully look like its more or less using that way Karma Miwa used terrain checks (which here im only used few pixels).

Also rather to do a moon patrol game, you could change the game to being something like "The Incident" (with no shooting), but in the Moon Patrol style (hence the landscape is good).

Also property you could do around 20 sections and such, and let game reuse that.
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Yep, time is short.
I´m going to wrap a runner game on the same ´universe` and use it as an alpha or zero version. :D

I don´t know incident, will check.

Here it will be only the tank (maybe more players).
.No shooting.
.enemies destroy terrain.
.you have to reach the end of the track, get back and go again.
.the terrain remains destroyed.
.you can sustain lots of hits before death.
.fall off screen and instant death.
.extra jump jets ,energy and enemy repulser as powerups on the checkpoints.

Something like this.
I made a 10 step plan here, it should be doable if I speed up! :D

Ian Price

I came. I saw. I played.


Done, uploaded a while ago. I hope it is fun enough. :enc:
Version is up for playing and voting, check:

Here my attempt at the fresh release version...didn´t go much far. :P