windows exclamation sound playing at start up of app

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Ive noticed a strange quirk of my add in that when I run it in debug mode I do not hear a windows exclamation beep but if I turn off debug mode I am getting the sound which is a bit annoying.

Does anyone know where I could be going wrong? I am using version 10 (Yes I know, very old but I'm reluctant to upgrade until the project is finished as it could mess up the whole project) on a windows xp computer. Upgrading the main system is not an option before anyone says stick windows 10 on it :) I would have thought if there was an error (like missing file etc) causing the exclamation sound that the debug window would have shown the error



Cant say I have noticed any sound, although if the keyboard buffer is full then you may hear some beep


Hey folks,

maybe you're trying to set a resolution your monitor is not able to. Does it start in windowed mode although you set it to fullscreen? Then check your resolution-settings.


Im using a borderless windowed mode as I have a dual monitor set up and it was the only way I could get it to span the 2 without going into settings and changing things which again is not an option.

I am sure it did not do it on the first version I wrote but unfortunately that code is long gone after a break in at work where they stole my computer and the back up drive and the backup USB stick that for the first time in years I forgot to take out and home with me :( had to rewrite about a months worth of work. (and because work had issues with internet the online backup was failing as well, a catalogue of errors that has taught me to check check check that everything is backed up realtime). I am pretty certain that I have rewritten the display code the same way. As its running on a 3rd party cabinet and none of the other software on there uses the exclamation sound I might add a KILLFILE when the program runs, then it will beep once and never beep again :)


Just tested it.
I'm using a laptop (1366x768) +  monitor (1920x1080) in expanded mode.

This Code will work fine (GLB14.106 with and without debug)

Code (glbasic) Select


But when i choose some other, unusual resolution like

Code (glbasic) Select


the program try to establish the fullscreen, monitor(graphicscard) says no. Windows exclamation beep. Switched to Windowed mode.
Maybe there are other circumstances which lead to this behavior.