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also NES and SNES horizontal stretched the image as well, so they did not produce a 1x1 pixel. This should of course been simulated as well.

Im also have did a game in even lower resolution (CatchOut), which simulated a Fairchild F resolution. Here im diddent go after CRT simulator as well, but used its palette.

Scanlines does not work in every thing, and im dont like 100% scanlines as well, but often im uses about 50% scanline in emulators, if there is such a feature. This can easy to been simulated in glbasic eventuelly.

PS. The CRT shader used in that link IS really nicely.
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It all comes down to personal preference,  and as Erico it's a form of enhancing nostalgia.
Thanks for all the feedback on this.
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The border reflection of the screen as your prime example is way way harder and way off realistic. ;)
Apart from personal opinions, let us know how it goes.

I don´t all depends on your needs and target, but to be really old school, I´d go for a 320x240, 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x728 as high quality tubes can go that way, put it all on an arcade cabinet as it was. :)

Let´s not count later tube development and neither the likes of 2 tubes together (darius or punch out).  :P



I found out on Rare Replay on Xbox One last night if you click the right analog stick it puts a CRT filter on the screen with the curving, blurring effect. 3 seconds later I clicked it and turned it off. It actually looked better all pixelated rather than that filter