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What exactly is the lighting issue? I mean post a screenshot example!

What I did to try and solve, from an existing game, the lack of zbuffering on Android was draw the objects in the view sector, scanning radius left to right inwards.
That RGB strip game looks cool and I presume an Arduino was used.
Alright, I got to about 3000 dude until some major frame drops. This is running Box2D?  :zzz:
Steam Greenlight is ... super nice.  :nw:
The Jam is much fun to be part of and see over 400 games cool and interesting titles. Can not wait for next one, perhaps with more stricter and challenging rules, like limited colors, etc.  :good:
My Pi3B arrived earlier this week. No problems with GLBasic although I haven't compared 3D obj draw speeds yet.
Specifically, why the need project a video file to a texture bitmap and is it to be distributed?

The SHELLCMD can always be used to simply launch and play with omxplayer (local rpi), mplayer, mediaplayer (local win) or vlcplayer, perhaps even batch files to process thumbnails and sequences if need be!.
GLBasic works the same on all Raspberry Pi versions in regards to 3D. The only command that causes issues is X_ROTATION so instead X_MULTIMATRIX works for object rotation but spotlights and 2D is another issue. I am open to suggestions what could be more suitable for a nice visual test.
If I really wanted an general discussion, I head over to  Sorry bros.8)

To be on topic, as you can see from the video demo the frame rate drops on a vanilla Pi0 and so the RPi3 will increase that performance!   ::)

erico, we always go tangent on off topic but you are right! I just level each corner to the next poly this time. Any height/depth ratio can be set and I'm still waiting for some plants and stuff (or at least conceptual design) from you since implementing the cars. Alternatively to a game, this could be augmented GPS traveling interfaces with needs funky kiosk/media player interface and a vehicle to go in.

bigsofty, what problems are you having?
Quote from: erico on 2016-Mar-03
That would be funky, specially if the cabinet could run GLB games with the Pi.

What do you mean by "could"?  :nana:

I'm going to order one soon and I really appreciate the onboard wifi.
Fair enough but this project development is blogged unlike most projects. Randomly, I was actually wondering about this cool game last week. As a fan only, I am a bit sour it's taking so long with a just a log report. Hopefully some media promotion might help me see more of the light.  ;)