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SHELLCMD doesn't work either.
Beta Tests / Maze tiler test
OMG - there's a built in FINDPATH function!!!!!! LOL. I really need to read the whole help file. ;)
Beta Tests / Maze tiler test
thx kindly dudes

:) Oh yeah, although I'd like to create more detail in the tile mapping, zoom scaling, sprite management and path finding (pj?).

bigsofty, the baddies are there, almost, although the wall collision is a bit clumsy. That is why I tested two characters for bitmap loading and I'm hoping to add many more, depending on available run-time memory. I need to test LOADANIM, to increase level loading as currently it takes awhile to load individual bitmaps.

Treasure, pickup, quests, doors, etc will depend on game-play, which I hope to make interesting and not just a maze game. Perhaps some level may be hand created, like with Mappy. I need to find out the technical limits mentioned above before I start on this. I've even opted out of isometric for now.

peejay, is the path thickness modifiable? For example, 3 tiles wide yet 1 tile for the wall. Entry and exit points would help. I'm not sure what the bug results, but I'd be happy to update the code in future.
Beta Tests / Maze tiler test
Testing out a total of 3MEG bitmap sprites with PeeJay's Random Maze Generator.

That's some useful functions there. I sometime just simply calculate the distance from one point to another for circle collisions, but an ellipse collision function would be cool.
I notice a clicking at the end of a wav but this doesn't occur in eVB API call.
The new update 5.129 fixes the above issues and they are now working on WinCE. :D :D :D
Just wanted to try something useful limited to no sprite file bmp loading, grab or poly. Even the text is hard coded for now as I can't read ini or text data files

So for new years the pocket sized lcd marquee was fun to try out. :D

EDIT by Schranz0r:

You can post YoutubeMovies with

(youtube) mPRg6GdL7JM (/youtube)  Just replace ( with [

Thats it ;)
Cool. May come in handy with a path finder. ;)
Working :)


Not working :(


Not working with file, but works with put/get in ram without writing to disk.
Overall it's a file access issue. (ver 5.110)
Only the original JumpFrog_PocketPC_2D.exe (542kb) works okay.
A compiled version on my machine JumpFrog_CE.exe (701kb) does not.

Currently I have created a couple of apps that work great with DRAWRECT etc :)
GETCURRENTDIR$() on the PPC returns /My Documents/,which is where the .exe is also.
Oh yeah, works perfectly well on PC. I've also tried copying media to other common paths, like \ , \windows, \my documents, etc.. and even ShoeBox on my PocketPC. I've also tried various screensizes (240x320,320x240) and framerates (-1,10,20).

Another example is the original JumpFrog_PocketPC_2D.exe, with it's media files, works fine on PocketPC, but my compiled version does not (which is also larger in file size).

I do notice that when compiling, I find I need to go through several platform warnings and makes until the SDK successful compiles a WinCE exe. Just wondering if this, or project screensize/framerate has anything to do with the media pathing issue. Don't know what else to do try. ;)
The files are in the same directory. LOADSPRITE "sprite.bmp",0
Help! DRAWRECT and PRINT work okay but I can't seem to get LOADSPRITE/DRAWSPRITE or LOADSOUND/PLAYSOUND to work on my Pocket PC (iPaq rx1945).