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Okay, for now I'll use SAVESPRITE as it *does* work for a minimized server unlike SAVEBMP.  :good:
maxheadroom, great project. Post some code!
Why aren't graphics be drawn when minimized? Not fair.  :'(

dreamerman has the idea and it's what I was thinking but not sure how with an existing 3d scene.  8)

The current solution for my image creation server is to place it on another OS virtual desktop, out of the way (haven't tried yet).  ::)
I'm sorry I don't mean the OS desktop grab, I mean program game screen, i.e. the backbuffer:-[

SAVEBMP works with the window normalized or fullscreen with the game backbuffer but not when the window is minimized so that I can run the program as a server that's not in the way.  :(

Maxheadroom, so what do you plan to make?  :zzz:

I have not tested the new sock commands.  :P

The mouse does respond differently with sudo (not sure what else). I can't test touch on RPi as my still working 3.5" USB display chipped in the corner but only split the touch ribbon connector.  :noggin:

2D colors and other stuff don't work too well for me since I last checked. I do all in 3D which is perfect.  :-*

The simplest way to use the GPIO is via SHELLCMD, which is suitable for an output, eg. light switch.
Alternatively, I suppose a python or cpp gpio custom program (also for other likewise Linux devices) that talks to GLBasic via localhost tcp/udp.  :blink:

RPi and GPIO  :rtfm:
Normally, it's fine even unfocused but how can I capture the screen when the server program is running minimized or perhaps even as a console?

Maxheadroom, you have a wordcount of 284 commands but not all commands compile for RPi but when it does, GLBasic runs great on the RPi.

Quote from: erico on 2016-Aug-13
If you are looking into modeling arrows and such (according to you question on another post), you may do better using an online tool or even model it straight inside glbasic.
Quote from: Eric.Erpelding on 2016-Aug-14
Your suggestion that I build vector arrows directly inside glbasic is what I trying right now. The advantage is that no .ddd files would be required, everything being contained in the code.

:D :D :D

We've been through this before. No attempt to post any 3D code on the forum, so there's really no reasoning in recommending 3D apps.

dude, the answer you seek may not be suited the the original query and so there's no technical merit in discussing this concept further. To test this, start off by posting practical sample demonstration media or simply paste some real 3D code, to show us where you are at so we can pass this irrelevant generalization!  :giveup:
This shit is easy to do and sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to help.
Can GLBasic send a spacecraft to the moon and back? It's possible.  :D
Compiling is fine for all versions. The screen resolution can be set to what you want. Is this the variable name you are looking for;? :glare:

// Raspberry Pi 3 (uname -a: Linux raspberrypi0 4.4.11+ #888 Mon May 23 20:02:58 BST 2016 armv6l GNU/Linux)

// Windows 10 64bit

It's about TRS-80 COLOR basic games.

It's interesting to find clones like the Dragon32/64 and others of the Coco. Here's a MC-10 clone, Alice: