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i will have a look later - this tool strips ppc symbols too so you dont need to have to do it through terminal - a simple plan isnt it?

p.s. you dont need to codesign the frameworks. i make the same steps in code as you and i could add a new profile. look

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And now to describe how i did that some pictures:

Very simple and i think kitty put this in his glbasic setup

File is located in:

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Just Strip ppc Symbols. Described this months ago. Tooyan is First valid app Store Game.
Oh neeeeeeeein ich habs verpasst :(
Alles Gute nachträglich :(
Someone out of this forum (let us call him Backslider) sold me two WP7 Devices and gave me a notice that in near future a windows phone update (7.6 or 8) has the ability to use WinRT and so C++ / Native Code.
Could anyone add a simple call for write permissions in /tmp - if this works the device is jailbroken
you have to add the .mm file manually to the project copied from your pc everytime you update the .xcodeproj folder
Nope a completely new but i think i forgot the thread thing but can't test myself
Could anyone test the Music Lib posted in this thread? I want use this as base for iAd / AdMob and Camera - implemented new way for glbasic but can't test
Same lib on multiple devices are not possible - the .a file must be platform specific
I could do a iAd / AdMob combo but this needs the implementation of both everytime - its your choice
I have no Internet until friday so i cant Release something Til the end of the week. I think about Camera in These days because i have done this for Kitty some Time ago. But i Need One who Test it because i lost my glbasic Key again.

iAd would be the next. Is no work for These few functions. Could anyone enable iAd in a Game to Test?
you need the header package from kitty somewhere in the download or news section of the main site
playvideo is a bit tricky - it uses the platform codecs to play videos. on iPhone there are some restrictions in format and resolution.
you can play .mov or .m4v in 320x480 with no problem. i think the same is on the other platforms.
Fifth Attachement

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