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i think it is time for a new ios ogles context working with all optimized shreds inside ios5 and 6
could remember that we used a simple variant of gles initialization.
Current builds of glbasic games  runs fine on Mountain Lion - ready for V11.
Awesome Backslider :D
anyone using linux should provide the current headers. so lua will compile fine on linux - on osx is a bit tricky but possible.
the old one was crossplatform too - i released the source and it could be compiled for all platformes that can use sqlite3.
i wanted to try to store types in database - so you can use

a database type with fake methods which kitty made possible somne Versions before.
ok i will use some brain to make a new - better one - hmm a object based one?
*use pen & paper*
oops some days away and someone dig out the tDB Thread :/
there are some issues? Should i make a new, better version?
Owle - you need to make a static lib for this - make a static lib and use import "C" so everyone could use this - compile for linux, win, mac, android and everyone is happy
all peoples over the world think - paying for something make himself like a god.
you pay GEZ for watching tv for free and you cant choose what they show every evening.

you pay 99$ for apple to get access to an appstore and for submitting selfmade pieces of software without having the trouble with non working apps because these one would be rejected. you dont pay for saying "hi apple, you have to do what i want!" - guidelines are important for things like appstores for allowing a marketplace there all software titles have clear structures.

yes - there are some annoying things like rejects with paragraphs like demo not allowed or something similar but i see the thing behind - look at the android market there are more and more every day like spyware, scareware and apps who simply steal your personal data.
Just reading the guidelines and all will be fine.

and now give me the stones - im ready to get stoned? (is this correct?)

edit:// AlienMenace - yep this is realy anoying this is some of actions i would write some hating threads or send postbombs too ;) but this is a thing that hasnt a guideline entry. so its forgivable :)
very nice game. like these typ of games. hope to see this on ipad3 with full resolution :)
you cant use the static library from windows for arm platforms. u need a compiled lib made with a compiler targeting the iphone armv6 / v7 platform to link without errors. Same for android and linux.
Ok i read much things of this and cant understand why 90% write "i hate apple".
why you not read the guidelines from apple or understand why apple make the appstore approval.

its easy to say all is bad and i hate that but please try to understand first and write than.
(its not personal for you crivens, for all in the world wide internet)

i managed to make this glbasic to iphone project with kitty to make it possible for all members
and buyers of glbasic to write apps and games for iphone platform and if i read threads like
these one i want to got back some years ago and delete the source of this.

there are so many games made with glbasic in appstore and i think some of the most developers
earned some bucks with it, but would these would be possible without apple?
its a tool from me ;) ofcourse it works :D
hast die " " vergessen
tried this on Mountain lion.