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First Step is done, got a MSSQL Connection today :)
all this topics are part of my all day tasks, so i will do some open Source coding for
other peoples interested.

and yes, i´m happy to be back hehe
Also für meine Freizeit hab ich mir vorgenommen mehr hier zu machen, denke es wird
öfter sein hehe
:D ne 5 Hechte in 30 min alle um die 85 cm :D
hi there,

its a long time ago since i was here.
my english is still very bad but i have some new ideas and proof of concepts :)

here some points from my list:

Using GLBasic Engine for Scada visualisation (OPC and/or native SPS communication)
Add QT as simple GUI Api (x Platform if works on Platform, sorry webOS, Pandora, html5)
Native Binding to SCIP solver (thanks Conrad Zuse Institut Berlin) and lp_solve
TDS Lib for using SyBase / MSSQL Databases
SpaceController 3d Mouse support

let me know if someone are interested in one of it.
Hi Phoo, nice work!
Native Social Support wrapped.
But do some Magic with memory - since llvm supports ARC you don't need all the retain and release garbage but the xcode project i made has no arc support.

Niemand hat mein tDB seriennummern kram geknackt :D
use the one file sqlite3 lib and you could compile for all platforms
just change the source in your camera.m file for image choose from camera roll
du versuchst das ganze für den simulator zu kompilieren - nix gut
hope mine comes soon :)
:/ couldnt help with core things :/
on ios we could switch too - the context handle is simple to switch - but how about sdl
but i dont have the old code so i cant push a new one with all features kitty implmentet the last time
all custom ios libs have to be static.