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You don't have to do anything, your game will run just fine on IPhone/IPod 4 with it's current state...

I know this is not the correct place to ask this but it seems that gbal thread has not much popularity so I wanted to do in here. The new OpenFeint version (2.7 and upwards) supports GameCenter as well but changes the method on how the Achievements get unlocked. I implemented it in our Objective-C games and it's pretty cool. If the current GLBasic OpenFeint module gets updated for this, I think it'll be a pretty nice addition to our games created with GLBasic as well...


Any update to the library for the latest version, which has GameCenter support as well? I ask this as in the latest OpenFeint, achievement unlocking function has been changed...

It'll be immediately pulled off, maybe further legal trouble as well, as long as you don't have permission from the original author of Krakout?

By the way, I spent long hours in front of that game when I was a child...:)
Thanks for all the answers...

The low memory problem is something that I can live with but supporting multitasking (fast app switch) is essential so I'll still prefer upgrading in the current state.
Hello There,

Can somebody confirm that iOS4 multitasking is now working with GLBasic V8 using AUTOPAUSE feature? Sorry for bothering as I don't have any capable device, I can't test it on my own.

Thanks in advance...

Announcements / Re: V8 beta
Ermm, can somebody, who tested, clearly state that whether iOS4 multitasking is working in V8 with AUTOPAUSE feature? My IPod Touch is 1st gen and IPad doesn't have iOS4 yet so can't test it myself.

Depending on it I want to upgrade my games to support this feature!

I might suggest something about the IPad slowness...

I've used GLBasic and now using Objective-C + Cocos2d on our games and in Cocos2D world, trying to have a one piece background image causes slow framerate on IPad as well. It seems this is related with the GPU's fill rate. The solution at there is to break the image into 4 pieces and than draw each of them at the appropriate positions to make the whole image drawn.

Don't know if it'll be helpfull but somebody might give it a try to let us all know? ;)
The texture size limit depends on device generation as far as I know and not something related with RAM or something. 3GS and above has 2048x2048 where the older one has 1024x1024. To overcome this limit, you need to load multiple textures using LOADANIM and choose the right one to draw depending on your image index on your code.
You have passed the limit of 1024x1024 texture size which causes this weird behavior. I had experienced the same. You might ask why it works on IPad as it has 2048x2048 limit ;).
You need to have a MAC as the output GLBasic creates is an XCode project which you need to compile under MAC.
GLBasic - en / Re: Piracy
In my opinion, there shouldn't be any fear about the piracy. When we talk about AppStore particularly, every app you see in there is sooner or later pirated and unless you create the next number one hit on AppStore, people will not rush to buy you software (in that case, it'll be probably cracked in a day or two after the release).

Our game, "FastBall 2", had been cracked the next day that it's released. I had seen enormous amount of increase on online leaderboards and after a while, all the new crack momentum went away. And even this, it end up in "New & Noteworthy Section", sold well and still sells a good amount.

In short, no need to worry about this matter much and just try to create a very enjoyable game which can reach a wide audiance... 
We have games developed using GLBasic and used 1st generation IPod Touch to test them. I'm not %100 sure but IPhone 2G and 1st generation IPod Touch probably have near the same capabilities. 
I could not support Multitasking in that game as well but while you are submitting your game, you have a checkbox to specify "fully tested against 4.0", just not check it and it should be ok.