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This one doesnt work

This one does

But as I said convert them to PNGs and they work with no resizing
Sorry, I should have said the bmp that loaded was 40x13 and the one that doesnt is 27 x 13. I have a few others that are similar sizes that load and dont load and all the ones that load have an even number of pixels in the x size and the ones that fail have an odd number. Convert them all to PNGs and they load regardless of size.

Thanks for the help

Just on the first steps of my first program and hit a stumbling block

I am trying to load some BMP graphics at the start of the program and have the code as follows

Code (glbasic) Select

                     SETTRANSPARENCY RGB(54,255,0)
LOADSPRITE "background.bmp",0
LOADSPRITE "15.bmp",1
LOADSPRITE "16.bmp",2

followed by the rest of my code, now if I compile and run the screen flashes up loading and bombs straight out, if I comment out LOADSPRITE "16.bmp",2 the code compiles and runs fine

Is there a specific size required for the sprites? does it need to be a multiple of say 2 4 or 8 and I got lucky with the first one?

I can post the BMPs if required

I know I have said a lot of this on a separate thread but as it was iPhone specific I felt I needed to post it here for anyone thinking of buying GLBasic. And apologies if its in the wrong section, if a mod feels its better off elsewhere then please feel free to move it

If you are even thinking about dabbling with programming and are daunted by C or other languages or the thought of complex libraries for sound and graphics seems way out of your depth then take a look at GLBasic. Everything you can want to do is there with ease. You want simple 2d graphics, no problem. Complex 3d is a breeze as well.

The examples are well documented and simple to understand and change and build and see what your changes have done, even with the demo version, 5 minutes run time is more than long enough to know if GLBasic is for you.

Pricing is spot on as well, you will not find a product with as many features for the price. It knocks the spots off other products that cost 100s or even 1000s of Dollars.

The forums are some of the best I have ever used with members who are willing to help out novices like myself. There seems to be no flaming as you would get on other programmers forums, no question seems to be too trivial.

In short support tha programmers and buy GLBasic, you will not regret it.
Well I played with the demo (congrats to the progammers for giving the full product away as the demo, it meant I could do everything i wanted to try with only the watermark and 5 min restriction), copied it to the mac, compiled first time and was on the iPhone within minutes.

Sure it would be nice to do the editing on the mac and then load into Xcode but its still a lot easier to learn than interface builder and all the other complex Apple commands.

Im now fully registered with the full version and to be honest it's worth twice the price for the simplicity of use
Thanks for all your replies. I think everything was covered there and playing with the demo version it seems perfect and a lot cheaper than unity :)

Its also refreshing to see such a welcoming and helpful forum for the newbie

Im looking to buy the full version of GLBasic but just wanted to clarify a couple of things regarding iPhone deployment

First, reading the posts on here im assuming that apps written with GLBasic can be sold in the Appstore if you have all the correct developers licence (which I do).

If this is correct am I right in thinking the steps involved are write the software on a pc and then build for iPhone, then take all the files built and copy them to the mac, open the project in xcode, add the dev licence details and then build to deploy to the simulator or the actual phone and then test. Once im happy then make the build in xcode for uploading and submit to apple

Also, does the 3d stuff work on the iPhone? im not thinking of using that at the moment but may do later on

Finally, has anyone here got any apps approved by Apple written with GLBasic? If so which ones so I can take a look at whats possible.

Thanks for your time