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GLBasic - en / Dropbox links
Many of the dropbox links, mostly by me has beem removed. That is include the newer html 5 project. Most important files can been found here:!An17V5n5xcPmlkdpjiZiVMDR1CXD?e=vVc9ua

One Drive Link

They will all been dead as im currectly moving. Sorry about it. Im havent checked all links im have done on this page. But the html5 tool link is of course changed to the new on that page.
no idea. also im think make sure to uses full path and check if the file exists. Its long time ago im doing Android stuff really.
Just to been aware, you cant uses right click on a touch screen and currectly no way to detect it really. Im have tried, but its not a good one yet. So you should add a alternative to right click of course.
not sure what its was happens. anyway the dropbox link is just updated to included the missing file. no idea why its was happens.

Sorry for that.
yep, using while / wend that include SHOWSCREEN does not work in HTML5/Java games, nor its newer will. Im wont fix that. This is just how the how the inner code works with this platform. Its similar with Android really.

You could write a status and a variable.

etc for enter, you need a extra counter variables for that and its should been in integer and not float.

Also in 2016 im did this rutine, using a fixed resolution, that scaling to any resolution used. Howover PRESCALER might also works too in this case:

Im choosen not uses PRESCALER (as all my games was coded before that command was in, but im just prefer my own thing, hihi).
Some of my games also does uses fixed resolution, but used virtual screen rather than PRESCALER instead. Im think im did a example in years ago in the code example how to do that.

Howover the main canvat when doing html games is, you are forced to uses GLB_ON_LOOP as the main loop with anything you doing. Its called once per frame. Because of that there is some commands that newer work with this platform, like MOUSEWAIT.

Also can you get resize to working when you resize the browser window (its looks insane great when done right), then rotation would works on mobile.
ywa the 64bit just overwrite 32bit, which is bit odd, but here nothing im might could do? but property its can been changed in the profile that compile to win64, so they dont overwrite. In the best world its should compile both 32 and 64 bit. Im havent checked about this one.
sorry for no replay as im was on vaccation (twice). Anyway checkout the posttool im posted (see link from first post).

For getting fullscreen etc, this is done from the site. To doing fullscreen, you must do this outside the game as a user interaction by a buton as the site does actuelly that, include on mobile as well (which looks like a app). Hence its being fullscreen as im choosen it to do that.

Same with rotation. Here im actuelly only checking when the resolution is changed in the loop. If you implements resize automatic when you change the browser size, then its would works on mobile too.
Greedy Mouse was not even the worst game port over to html5 and only was contains minor issues. Yes, the tile size in that game is big, hehe (200x200px).

Im could only uses one size (the game could uses 3 sizes, 50, 100 or 200px) for that port throught (the biggest one of course), due user could resize in any size.

Today im have 7 games, all using the scripts from the posttool im have done. Yes sound was quite too loud in Cave Hereos. But im do not touch the rest throught. (im not sure which games you talked about, hihi).
Version 1.0 finally released!

Also all 7 html games used on the itch as used the script and the tool. This is how glbasic should have present its games, if you ask me. Im did shared my fixes.
Im have yesterday resumed to this game after im got sidesticked with two Spectrum Next projects that should been finished in this week (there was a deadline).

Anyway im have choosen im goes got 40+1 levels with no intermissions, just pure levels as this was the best. What the +1 means? Well, Its that one you start on Game B-Pro =D.

Im property tommorrow uploade it. Also the Game B got a extra theme as well.

now currectly, im got distracted by two other game projects that needs to been finished in few days. Spectrum Next stuff.

Im got a 5th theme im can uses for some intermission levels. hey.
This was not the scope of the thread really. So no im wont do any 3d stuff as im also dont do 3d stuff, so nothing im would do. Its can been a quite costersume to get stuff working outside Steam launcher as well.

But general, im is quite impressed with its performance. No less and no more.

Property the breakthrought with Linux gaming.

The game on this thread should not have any issues at all beside the MUSIC command issue im pointed out.
all my games ran perfectly 60fps... Its might run better with linux build. But those kinds of games we do. Im dont think its a big difference at all.
No. Steam Deck can run most Windows games. There is some exceptions, like those games with Anti Cheat and such. Also games using Windows Media Player might cause issues too (as seen in the picture in the Attachments). In this case, its launched fullscreen top on the main game......

So you DONT need to compile it to Linux to get it run on Steam Deck. Also The Br Logic game also ran fine with music, because he used a dll for the music/sound part instead rather uses glbasic own commands.

Also in the steam dev, make do sure to mark any game controllers you >DONT< support and select the control your game primary uses.

Example if you only support the xbox controller, mark all other to been unspported in the steam dev. This so the Steam Deck actuelly can automatic remap those as they was a 360 controller for the game (like when playing with PS4, and you dont direct support it).

Im believe your game is best to been used with trackbad or with its touchscreen.....