GLBasic Version 16.793 (Steam) does not load the jpg file and some png (confirm)

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im did not check with the beta version throught. For me its could been a compression issue as its quite odd and also its failed with the jpg as well for the test project im attacehment to the dropbox (as its was too big). But im havent checked with the beta.

Here im saved the file from a very old paint shop pro 7 app (yes, that about 20 years old tool) saved to jpg, png and bmp. only bmp works correctly here, but Windows picture viewer does load them file.

As im have recently reinstalled Windows, im have still yet to test gimp as its could been a compresssion issue.

Look like its more a libpng bug as we does not uses the newest one, but its should not happens with a file saved by a 20 years old tool as im tested here?
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