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OPENGLES 3.0 it´s released!!!

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Yes Ocean but OpenGLES2.0 don't works in Windows, you need emulate it... Becuase I say this about angle Library, if you use OpenGL standard you don't see what will appears in the device... I think this, I don't understand too much about programming, but I think if in windows you can emulate OpenGLES it's for any reason...

OpenGles1.0 can do very intersting things and it's very easy, I have a better library done whit Opengles and you can achieve nice FX make some tricks... but if the Standar it's Opengles2.0...

I don't wanna say Gernnot put Openlges 2.0 now, this it's when he can and wants, but perhaps in 3 years forward we are very rear in 3d.    (Ok only we are a few guys making 3D, but sure if 3D comes good, more people comes here I prefer use GLbasic than Unity, whit this learn, Unity it's another kind of learning and  simply a mode)

OpenGL and OlenGL ES are not identically but they are the same for at least 95%. So you can use same commands on desktop and mobile.

OpenGl <3.0 is very close to GLES 1.1
OpenGL >3.0 is like GLES 2.0

But in OpenGL you can better mix, you can still use old, depreciated functions and also use new ones like shaders at the same time. In GLES you must decide if you want old fixed pipeline or new shaders. And since GLB uses fixed pipeline (and mostly only old functions) it would be a huge work to move to GLES 2.0+. BTW I think there are not that much GLES 3.0 device out there yet, but this may change in the future.

OPENGLES are we still at version 1.1?

practically in 1.1 (if I'm not wrong) all these are missing compared to 2.0.
In particular the whole shaders part


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