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This thread is need for fixers from here
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Ian Price

1. Doesn't crash for me. I compiled a Pandora prog then went into PROJECT > OPTIONS >OK.

2. ???

3. You need to use LOCAL or GLOBAL on that DIM command to prevent Explicit errors eg
Code (glbasic) Select

GLOBAL ParSetFriction[]

4. Works for me. Are you using the most upto date version of GLB.
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On #2 I get the same [for a lot of GLOBALs  :x]
It seems to occur if definitions of globalled variables are within functions...
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1. I cant reproduce this.

2. Yes this happens to me too, only for GLOBALs, especially if the GLOBAL is inside a function and/or if it is not in the main gbas. This happens since a long time and I pretty much learned to ignore it.

3. Ian is right.

4. Yes I have this problem too. I talked to Gernot about this some mounts ago, but he could not reproduce it and so it did not get solved.
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#2 ...precomiiler spamming me still....did gernot use these in the IDE? hah
Its really ODD! I changed the name of one of them and its doing the same thing.

#3: Ian is right....and omg this is going to be murder of code length....i have some 40 arrays to declare! :(

Added bug:

#5 And one more thing to add here.........this is cruel and unjust, because i edit with one hand on kb, and one on mouse.
I cannot use down arrow key in the editor!
I can use SHIFT/CTRL and down arrow. But not down arrow alone.
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to 5:
if i remember right this was a bug in older versions, but got fixed. Are you sure you use the newest version of GLB? Plz check webupdate.
I cant reproduce this bug, but im using V11 beta.
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Ahh, update update update, i always forget to keep updating after a new version is published.
Ya i nee dto update, thanks.
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Hello Helmos (long time no see uh! :good:)

I will give a go on the issues, but I do have a few of my owns too.
As for #1 I don´t get the crash, but for some reason (like I never turn off the machine) the caanoo compilation gets strange after a while and won´t output a correct caanoo file, not even when making a new project. When this happens, I reboot the machine and everything gets back to normal. Haven´t traced the issues yet.

Never a deal breaker, but about your issues, do they crop up after a clean boot too?

Ian Price

With regards to the compiler complaining about your vairables, you can switch off the nagging by turning off Explicit Variables in the Options. No need to use GLOBALs for your DIMs (or anything else) then. It's just a safety feature really to help bug hunting due to mis-spelled variables etc.
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Its reall wierd..if i put anything in the globals at the top of the createemitter function, it does this
Explicit is off.

"SpriteZ.gbas"(97) warning : variable already exists : AnyThIngYoUwAnT

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION Emitter_Create_System: FileName$, Intensity, LifeTime , IsOneShot // Emitter Header Declaration

GLOBAL EmitterScreenX, EmitterScreenY, AnyThIngYoUwAnT,EMITTERSTOTAL, EMITTERDEBUGMODE, EmitterSystemVersion$="2.120617";
STATIC IsTypeInitialized;
LOCAL PEIntensityMAX = 32766;
LOCAL EmittersMAX = 100;
LOCAL   FileNameTest;
GETSCREENSIZE  EmitterScreenX, EmitterScreenY;
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I called a variable before it hit the global command...predeclared, duh.

But the variables storing the getscreensize data are still triggering the precompiler.

Oh well i can live with this.

Thanks for the help guys!

Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Just move the declaration out of the function and you dont get a warning. You can do this even if you are not inside the main file! so just declare all globals at the begin of your gbas and you will be fine. Also remember to avoid globals if possible. ;)
Lenovo Thinkpad T430u: Intel i5-3317U, 8GB DDR3, NVidia GeForce 620M, Micron RealSSD C400 @Win7 x64