Good, fast, stable support for JPEG files in LOADSPRITE etc.

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Ian Price

QuoteAfter a certain size a JPG might be smaller, but for mostly what I've done PNG has been smaller.
Smaller is a relative term and means bugger all, really.

Given the same image in three formats a PNG when uncompressed might appear smaller than a .JPEG or .BMP, but when compressed in a .ZIP file, is likely to be larger. And whilst occupying memory, each image will be the same.
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There's no disagreement here, actually. I personally find them preferable to .jpg, given a choice, and while generalisations are dangerous (it's often possible to disprove a generalisation with a very specific, perhaps unlikely, example) I find .png files tend to be smaller "live" than a .jpg file which isn't visibly poorer.

Which is great, for "live" use asuch as on the web.

Ian (and I think others) however are saying that .jpg files compress further in .zip or .rar form, so that - in a compressed archive (such as a game bundled with graphics and sound) .jpgs of visibly similar (possibly "identical" to the eye) quality actually end up taking less space - which makes them lighter to download. which is a good thing, overall.

It's all horse for courses - there's no "one good way" to do everything, each method/type has its pros and cons :)


I kent, tes normally this occurs when the size exceeds I think 1000px


Hi KentM, this is your first post and you registered today.
You are offering a "free tool" as a solution to a problem after investigation and experimentation.

It may be more polite to share some of this investigation and experimentation with jpegs and GLB and how far it goes, like multiplatform etc.
No harm intended and I apologize for my behavior, but the way it is, it sounds like spam on my book. :doubt:

Ian Price

I have removed KentM's message as -

a) It was responding to a post over two years old
b) It wasn't really relevant
c) It was indeed a means to advertise a product.
d) If it was a genuine first post it was crap.

Thanks for reporting fellas :)

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d) If it was a genuine first post it was crap.


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